Sunday, September 12, 2010

I don't feel old...or do I?

It's been a busy week. I celebrated my 35th birthday yesterday.  I'm not sure if I feel my age.  I mean, what does 35 feel like?  I guess it depends on the day.  Most days I don't feel like that is an old number.  Then I look at everything that's happened to me in the last year...5 years...10 years.  Wow! 

We just hired a few a new staff member at Romp n' Roll.  She was born the year I went to college!  It's only when I hear things along those lines that I feel old.  Anyway, it was a good birthday.  As low key as I would like with well-wishes from many friends and family.  As with any holiday this year, though, something was missing.  A pretty big something.  I suppose that is the most difficult thing about life these days.  No matter how good things get, you remember that something (or someone) isn't there to share the experience. 

Earlier this week, Roger went down to the James Center where ASK launched the Kourageous Kids exhibit, showing all the courageous cancer warriors who are being served through the clinic this year. The theme this year was "Hats Off for Kourageous Kids" and we donated one of CJ's hats to the cause.  Another reminder that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Also, it's not too late to register for the ReeseStrong 5K this Saturday, 9/18, in Mechanicsville.  Roger will be running in his Team CJ pink and purple.  Feel free to join him!

Richmond Rocks books are selling at Romp n' Roll-Mechanicsville all month to benefit CJSTUF.  Books are $14.95+ tax and 30% of the proceeds will benefit our organization.  This is an adorable children's book written and illustrated by local Richmonders.  Not only does it support CJSTUF but it also supports local small businesses!  You can pay for the books with checks, cash, or credit card so get your autographed copy today!

We received some more donations this week towards Roger's Double Marathon challenge.  So far, the vast majority of the donations are going towards the University of Miami Hurricanes side of things.  Are there any Hokies out there that want to see Roger run in a turkey suit?  If they are, they've been vewy vewy quiet!  The challenge continues till November 13th so let's see if we can meet the 10K fundraising goal!

Busy week ahead with Board meetings for the foundation.  By the way, if you haven't noticed yet, you can now access this blog directly through our website.  We've added a tab at the top of the page and the blog will feed there every time we update it.  Thanks to all our supporters who continue to follow us on Facebook and through this blog. 

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