Monday, April 26, 2010

So Many Ways To Give!

It's Roger. I haven't written in a rather long time because Rachel keeps saying what needs to be said in the right way.

But now I have another exciting announcement to make (and there are more in the pipeline so stay tuned!).

Due to popular request, (seriously, someone wanted it, so we did it) anyone who wants to make an electronic or automatic monthly donation to CJSTUF either via online bill pay or direct deposit from their paycheck can now do so!

Thanks to our favorite bank, People's Bank of Virginia, it took all of 20 minutes to make it happen. We got a dedicated savings account just for this purpose which is safe because bad guys can't hack the main account through it.

Here's what you do. If you'd like to pay vial online bill pay, send payments to:
Peoples Bank of Virginia
P.O. Box 71960
Richmond, VA 23255

Please reference account # 15013170 - CJ's Thumbs Up Foundation

If you want to do direct deposit, set it up to go to:

CJ's Thumbs Up Foundation
Account # 15013170

At: Peoples Bank of Virginia
ABA: 051409142

Simple as that.

We'd also like to gratefully acknowledge that Nichole Davis Frise has agreed to make her Mary Kay franchise our August Home-Based Business Of The Month! During the entire month of August, ALL (Yes, I did say, "ALL") profits will be donated to CJSTUF. Thanks Nichole!

The ASK 5K was a big success in spite of the occasional drips of rain. The Kourageous Kids group photo op was pretty amazing and a bit bittersweet for me to see. Beautiful Maddie and Superstrong Reese were just two of the stage-full of kids all wearing ASK orange. Wesley (Win4Wes) was also there looking extremely good. I mean, I almost wouldn't have guessed he had brain surgery just a couple months ago. Strange but I couldn't help feeling just a tiny bit out of place even with all the wonderful energy of the event. It might have been something as simple as not having anything official to do. I'm so used to being an organizer, I think I had trouble just being there, "doing" stuff.

I ran with Megan Blake who set a pretty good pace, not because she wanted a good time, necessarily, but because her daughter, Katie was in her first dance recital and she had to boogie to get there in time. I'm still pretty sore, Megan! THANKS!!!

Pencil in May 1, 2011. Don't plan your root canal that day. We might be taking a road-trip (via an airplane) to the Big Sur International Marathon and we'll need an entourage! :-) My friend, Shelley, is committee chair/point person for any CJSTUF festivities out there. We have other friends out there as well that we will press into service when the time comes! It's very early in the game. Details to come as they unfold.

More immediately, Rachel mentioned the "Double Marathon Challenge and it's getting closer to being an official "thing." The ad-hoc committee will be coalescing soon and training officially begins June 5th, although I feel like I've already started. Anyone interested in getting their business involved in sponsoring me with shoes, shorts, a lifetime supply of ibuprofen, "Weightgain 5000 Lard Enhancement Nutritional Supplements," etc... can contact me directly.

"The Bush" continues to grow, we still miss Charlotte, and the big Romp n' Roll move is just around the corner. Everything else will just have to fit in the cracks.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Long overdue kudos

Since it's been almost a month since the Monument Ave 10K, I think it's about time we recognize the wonderful runners, walkers, and fundraisers who did their part for CJSTUF. I apologize for the tardiness in this post but we had some last minute donations trickling in.

We had over 25 participants who raised significant sums for the foundation. In total, the Monument Ave 10K race brought in about $7000 for our organization. Amazing!

Our top three individual fundraisers were:
Summer Davey
Susan Greenbaum
Megan Blake

Individually, they each brought in over $600 and Summer broke the $1000 mark! Way to go!

Other top fundraisers include (in no particular order):
Greg & Erin Pittman
Michael & Babz Barnett
Robin & Mark O'Sullivan
The Greci Family
Emily Starrett
Meg Helsley
Rick Whittington
Sarah Derr
Megan Bosher
Lori Raybould
Kathy & Rob Suydam
Judy Read
Jenneane Snyder
Jen Berg
Erin Brunner
Christy Yeadon
Jenny Burkhead
Ginger Figuly
Beth Boston
Anna Czaplicki

I think we plan to have a Monument Ave 10K team again next year. Don't forget that Roger will be running in not just one but TWO marathons before the year is over (Chicago in October and Richmond in November). His goal is to raise $10,000 with both marathons and he is currently assembling an ad hoc committee to help with his fundraising efforts.

If you live far away, don't fret! You can still be a part of TEAM CJ. Check out our website for information about how to participate regardless of where your race is located. We are currently looking into getting REAL race shirts (wicking shirts) for those die-hard runners. I know Roger has mentioned him before, but HUGE kudos to James Staudte for leading the charge with his first triathalon out in California. He raised over $1000 for CJSTUF as well.

Many events on the horizon in the coming weeks. Be sure to check the CJSTUF calendar frequently for updates and detailed information about special events.

Friday, April 23, 2010

May is right around the corner

It feels like a lifetime ago. On May 1, 2009, we were entering our third round of inpatient chemo. Life at that time revolved around the hospital. In fact, we felt like MCV had a literal revolving door between regular and unplanned admissions. This round started with an MRI...scheduled earlier than usual because Dr. Khan didn't really like what he had seen as a "shift" in the previous scan.

On May 1, we started to face the reality. That was when we realized that it might not work. The tumor was still growing. Despite the toxins pumping into her system. After that, everything snowballed and by the end of May, we were meeting a new team at MD Anderson.

Like I feels like a lifetime ago.

Yesterday, my mom and I attended the annual memorial service for children who have passed away that were served by VCU Children's Medical Center. It was a very simple, lovely service of remembrance led by the team of Child Life specialists and chaplains at the hospital. The theme was kite flying and I was thrilled to learn that ASK chaplain Jim Bonomo's inspiration for the kite theme was Charlotte's memorial service. Another kudos to Mary Poppins! (Slight aside...I'm typing this at romp n' roll and Jolly Holiday is playing over the speakers during Open Gym.) Anyway, the event was another time to remember Charlotte. Some of the nurses and other specialists who had worked with us during our time at MCV were there and so was Miss Monica, the nutrition services staffer who frequently brought us meals on 7 East.

The memorial service aside, it's been another one of those emotionally charged weeks. There's all kinds of reasons. My emotions seem to wax and wane as it is. Couple that with the timing of my parents visiting from Florida...they haven't been here since Charlotte passed

...the oncoming media glare of Mother's Day (Yes, it's coming. Please stop reminding me, members of the mass market media.)

....and then just the activities of everyday life. I think of her every day. And I miss her.

BUT there is much to do and much to report.

First, I want to direct you to the RichmondMom website. The Super Mom contest is running again. Our good friend Megan Blake won last year with the support of many in our network. Then Roger won the Richmond Dad contest. This year, we have several friends who are nominated. Some of our favorites:

Sherry Klauer: Mom to Reese (and Rhett and Wade) and founder of ReeseStrong
Lisa Goodwin: Mom to Connor and founder of Connor's Heroes
Jennifer Morris: Mom to Rosie and Kellan, a constant cheerleader for all her kids endeavors and constantly positive through many challenges.

Voting ends April 30th. You can only vote once but please visit the website and make your choice. There are many other great moms nominated as well.

Other events coming soon:
The Chick-Fil-A Cow Drop is on May 8th. I will be at the Virginia Center Chick-Fil-A on Tuesday evening, 4/27, selling Cow Drop tickets for CJSTUF. Come on out for Kids Night (Kids Eat FREE!) and a mini concert from Silly Bus! The concert will be from about 6-7 PM. You can also buy your Cow Drop tickets at the Virginia Center Chick-Fil-A anytime before the Cow Drop on May 8th. CJSTUF gets $6 for every ticket bought!!!

The Mechanicsville Moms will hold a Used Book Sale at Romp n' Roll on May 6th from 3-7 PM benefitting CJSTUF. This is during Open Gym time so come on out and find some great books and videos. There will be media for all ages!

Be sure to check the website regularly for other fundraising updates and events.

For anyone wondering, the romp n' roll move to Mechanicsville is moving along well. Everything seems to be going according to schedule. We just started painting this week. Summer registration starts on Monday (there's my plug) and we are looking forward to the new space!

Have a good weekend, everyone. Might be a wet one if you're in VA. Hopefully the ASK 5K won't get too rained out.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Where does the time go???

With everything Roger and I have going on, time for blogging has been difficult lately. Being busy doesn't even begin to explain it. Things are definitely gearing up with Romp n' Roll's move to Mechanicsville. So far, so good. Everything seems to be running on schedule and in line with only a few minor glitches here and there (all manageable). It's still a LOT of work. I don't even want to imagine what it would be like if we didn't have things moving smoothly.

For those who haven't heard, we will be closing the Virginia Center location on May 9th and using that next week to move our equipment and any remaining furniture over to the new site. Those of you who offered trucks: that's when we'll need 'em. We'll be contacting you. We are slated to open for business in the new location on May 17th. Mark you calendars and cross your fingers.

The CJSTUF Benefit Concert at RMC was last night. I didn't make it until near the end. It was kind of a small crowd BUT they raised over $450 for us. Thanks to Mu Phi Epsilon and all the musicians for their work on this endeavor.

Today and tomorrow is the Kid Stuff Yard Sale at St. Thomas Episcopal Church. You can get more info about it in the last blog post but if you're in the market for any maternity, baby, or kid stuff, head over there tomorrow morning. Proceeds benefit many local charities, including CJSTUF.

Slightly further down the horizon is the Moms Club Used Book Sale on May 6th. This will be at Romp n' Roll (right before we move!) from 3-7 PM. If you're a book lover like I am, you will want to check it out. They will have books for all ages plus some videos and other media.

Not long after that is the Chick-Fil-A Cow Drop. Have you bought your tickets yet? If not, you can stop by Chick-Fil-A at Virginia Center any time. You do NOT have to be present at the Cow Drop event on May 8th to claim your prize, but if you DO come out to the Hanover Airport, you're in for a treat. The event is always family friendly and fun. There is more information about the Cow Drop on our website.

Speaking of which....if you haven't heard or seen, we have a newly remodeled and relaunched website for the foundation. Included on the site is the new video, updated information about our fundraisers and events, as well as the applications for our financial assistance grants. I think we've worked out all the bugs and broken links, but if you find anything amiss, just drop me or Roger a line.

If you know of any families served by VCU Children's Medical Center (MCV), please let them know that our applications for the first round of grants are due (postmarked by) May 1st. We want to give away $5000 by June 1st so spread the word. The application process is very simple (only two pages and no financial information is required).

Future developments with the website will include the CJSTUF merchandise area (CJ STUFF...), ways to hook into our volunteer database, and more. Stay tuned! Big thanks to Jay and Ruth Campbell at Jade Enterprises for all their support in hosting our server and developing the website.

In family news, my parents are coming for a 3-week visit starting next week. We are very excited to see them and in true fashion, we will put them to work straight away on long-delayed home projects and help with the romp n' roll move. We never cease to appreciate their generosity and their talents! Hopefully they will get to relax a little too.

Before we know it, Roger and I will be heading out to Denver for his niece Cerissa's wedding at the end of May. We are very excited for her and Patrick although Roger has a very hard time realizing that his niece is all grown up. This might be our only "vacation" for a while so we are definitely looking forward to it from that perspective as well.

Ok, I'll end this now because...guess what? I've got more work to do!

Happy Weekend, everyone.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Many Upcoming Events: Please mark your calendars

A few updates are in order:

First of all, we have our "clerical" volunteers lined up so thanks to those of you who expressed interest in helping. Don't worry...there will be more to do as time goes on.

The website relaunch is taking a little longer than expected so I wanted to make sure some important events and announcements made it onto your calendars.

The Mu Phi Epsilon chapter (music fraternity) at Randolph-Macon is hosting a concert to benefit CJSTUF on Thursday, April 15th from 6-8:30 PM at the college in the Alumni Gym. Tickets are $5 each. There are five groups performing and they are featuring a wide variety of genres: jazz, rock, gospel, acoustic, and bluegrass. We have a few tickets available at Romp n' Roll and I think others will be available at the door.

Megan Blake and her friends are organizing a Kid Stuff Sale (gently used kid gear, kids clothes, maternity clothes, etc.) at St. Thomas' Church (3602 Hawthorne Ave in Richmond). Proceeds will be donated to a number of local organizations and CJSTUF is one of the benificiaries. There is a sip-n-shop on Friday 4/16 from 5-8 PM. For $10, you can get refreshments and first pick at the goodies. The regular sale is Saturday 4/17 from 8 am-1 pm.

Saturday 4/24 is the ASK Fun Run/5K at Short Pump Town Center. This is not a CSJTUF fundraiser or event but our good friends at ReeseStrong will have quite the team. Roger is running in this event. Come on out to support the crowd if you're available.

Have we talked about the Cow Drop yet? The 3rd Annual chick-fil-a Cow Drop is on Saturday May 8th. If you've never been before, the event is held at the Hanover Airport. There is a family fun day from 11 AM-3 PM with face painting, moonbounces, vendors, food, and kid's games. Around 1:30 PM, an airplane loaded with hundreds of little plush COWS will fly overhead and drop the animals from the sky. Those landing closest to a predetermined target will win FABULOUS prizes. Over 20 great prizes will be given including a Disney Family Vacation, a Romp n' Roll birthday party, a year of movie passes from Regal Cinemas, and MORE.

All Cow Drop tickets bought at the Virginia Center Chick-fil-A locations benefit CJSTUF. Tickets are just $10 each and include a coupon for a free milkshake. You don't have to be present on the day of the Cow Drop to win either.

On Tuesday 4/27...there will be a mini-concert and promotion for the Chick-Fil-A Cow Drop at the Virginia Center Chick-Fil-A from 6-6:45 PM. Silly Bus will be playing a small concert as a preview of the Cow Drop event on May 8th and this will be a great opportunity to buy your Cow Drop tickets. This is also Kids Eat Free night at Chick-Fil-A so bring the kids for an evening of fun.

I think that takes you through the month of April (and even into a little bit of May). With Romp n' Roll moving to Mechanicsville, we won't have too much going on CJSTUF-wise during May.

If you haven't been on Facebook lately, Roger started a fan page JUST for the Butterfly Bush (CJ's butterfly bush). He is taking daily pictures and posting them. The page reached over 200 fans in about a day and many of them were not already fans of CJSTUF. Gotta love viral marketing.

I think I will close for now. Happy weekend, everyone.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rest, Reflection, and....Retirement?

I think the theme of my life lately is: I'm tired. Roger and I are working a LOT. Between....
  1. The regular running of the business (usually unto itself a 60 hour per week endeavor....a few glitches this week had me working about 18 hours more than usual)
  2. Moving the business to Mechanicsville (No, we don't have a moving date. Yes, we would love your assistance when we finally know when we are moving. Yes, we are excited about the move but it is CRAZY stressful right now.) I'll be much happier when the permit is finally approved by the county and work may continue as usual.
  3. Continuing to work on CJSTUF matters. Thanks to everyone who has sent in their donations this week. Still working on final tallies as donations trickle in. We are also getting ready to launch version 2.0 of the website (it will look GREAT) and are working on our nonprofit filing status.
Speaking of CJSTUF, we do have need for ONE volunteer to help Meredith with some clerical/secretary duties (mainly help addressing thank you notes). If you have some interest in this, email me. First person to do so wins the prize!

Aside from all of that, there is the "normal" business of laundry, cooking, cleaning the house, regular exercise...oh yeah...a LIFE. There hasn't been much effort on the domestic side lately as Roger and I are both burning candles at both ends. Just nobody come over for a visit any time soon. Or do so with low expectations.

The approach of yet another holiday and the emotions rear their ugly head. It's not that Easter holds any kind of sentimentality for me related to Charlotte. It's just another holiday where everyone is happy and excited and celebrating and I'm...not. I'm just not feeling it and to pretend that I am would only make it worse. In fact, I don't think it is the holiday itself that is the problem. It is all the extra fluff that goes on in the name of the holiday that makes me a little crazy. Even before losing Charlotte, I have always had a general issue with things that people do in the name of a holiday (especially a religious holiday) that really just speaks to the base nature of our secular consumerism. Or something that is done out of "obligation"...because we always do it that way.

Example: Roger overheard a few people "complaining" about the number of Easter Egg Hunts that they were taking their kids to over the last week or so. Why complain? If you don't want to do something, don't do it. There's nothing inherently Christian about egg hunts anyway. They really delve back into the pagan fertility rituals of Spring and were just adopted by Christians along the way...possibly as a way of appeasing and/or assimilating new converts to the faith.

Along with that, I have no patience for Chreasters. What is a Chreaster, you might ask? Well, some of you may have your own name for these folks. They're the ones who show up at church only on Christmas and Easter...or at other such times as they feel "obligated" to attend church. It's not just about attending or not attending services either. Chreasters also celebrate holidays (mainly Christmas and Easter) for the sole purpose of acquiring more stuff for themselves or for others. The focus is not on How Will I Use Lent and Easter to Help Me Grow Spiritually This Year? but What Is Going Into My Kid's Easter Basket This Year?

These are the people that go WAY overboard with the Easter baskets and the Santa presents and the gifts to anyone and everyone without delving into the true reason for the season. These are the people who find any excuse to get drunk on Mardi Gras but don't really give up anything for Lent. (Lent...what's that?? Oh, yeah, I gave up chocolate for Lent once. I mean I tried.). Interestingly, both seasons leading up to the biggest celebrations in the Christian calendar (Easter and Christmas) are periods for sacrifice and reflection (Advent and Lent) but to look at our society's focus on the acquisition of materials for Easter baskets and Christmas presents, you'd never realize that. I think because it is SO overblown by our commercial culture I do everything I can in my mind to rear back against it.

Now I'm not so righteous or holy as to advocate that everyone should go to church every week. I know that sometimes I just don't go. And for many different reasons. My spirituality is a very important part of my life and it's very personal. I know people who are incredibly spiritual and never (or rarely) set foot in a church. That's not what this is about. I'm sure there are also a variety of reasons why some people only show up for church on these dates and I want to make it clear: I am not judging your decision. Last year was the first year that I could ever remember that I didn't go to Easter service and it just felt strange to me. I'm certainly used to the Chreaster crowd year after year and I have nothing against anyone personally who follows this habit.

It's more the idea that having a Happy Easter has nothing to do with the size of your basket or the number of egg hunts you attended or the pictures you took with the Easter Bunny (again...a pagan symbol) in your new outfits. These secular acts don't make you a part of a circle of faith. To me, Easter is about realizing the grace that the Holy Trinity creates in our lives through the sacrifice that Jesus made. It's remembering that grace every day as we live our lives and finding some time to reflect on how we can use that grace to make us better people. This actually starts to get into Pentecost and all that the Trinity entails but that's a Sunday School lesson for another day. It's all connected.

There is another part in all this and maybe it speaks to the reason why I now have little patience for things that never used to bother me. I am starting to understand the point of view of retired individuals. Now, again, without generalizing too much, I know from conversations that I have had with friends and family and from general observations in life that people who are retired have a distinct view on the world. They have worked the 9-5 jobs, they have spent their time in the "rat race" and they have now made a conscious decision to leave that way of life for another. Some people spend their retirement on the golf course, others travel, others continue to "work" but in different capacities (maybe more volunteer endeavors or a part time job in their chosen field). The thing that I notice about individuals who are now retired is that they finally realize what truly matters in life. It's not about doing things out of obligation or because society says so. You realize at a certain point that you are only going to have a finite amount of time left on this Earth and doing things out of obligation or duty is just a waste of time. While I'm nowhere close to the point that I can retire from my job, sometimes I think that maybe I've been forced into early retirement from Parenthood and that gives me a whole new perspective on the world.

Which brings us to How I Spent My Easter Holiday. We planted Charlotte. The butterfly bush that was a gift from the Glass family was delivered this week so this morning, Roger and I took the seedling, her ashes, and the biodegradable urn, and planted Charlotte in the sunniest spot we have in the yard. We plan to add a few more plants to the bed. Haven't decided yet whether it will be more butterfly plants or a few daisies. It was a beautiful day and it felt good to be out in the garden working with our hands. You can see more of the pictures here.

May your Easter journey allow you to find the true peace that passes all understanding.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Marathons and Coltrane

I started running again this morning. Not too far but very fast (for me). The music was inspiring and I felt it pushing me. My iPod was set to John Coltrane, "A Love Supreme" and after the fact, I realized that the one particular piece that lit the fire under my tail was called "Pursuance." Seems appropriate. Not sure, though, if I'm doing the pursuing or if I'm the one being pursued. As usual, the truth is probably both.

John Coltrane is one of my ultimate, top-of-the-list heroes and not just because of his incredible skill/tone on the tenor sax, but also because of the spirituality with which he approached his music. After falling into the dark side of the NY jazz scene, he had a "spiritual awakening" which helped him overcome drug and alcohol addiction and focused his life into, seemingly, an attempt to open a direct connection to "God" through his music for others to tap into. I'm all for that and every time I listen to "A Love Supreme," it gets inside me a little deeper, I feel maybe a little (tiny, ultraminisculy (sp?), eentsy weentsy) bit more prepared to understand whatever message has been, or is supposed to get dropped on me. Don't fear for my humility on this subject, though. I don't feel anywhere near to understanding what it's all about (Alfie?). I'll just keep looking and listening. Always have to keep the "ears" open.

As always, I have to do a little research when "lecturing" and I found a great website of quotes from musicians who were deeply affected by "A Love Supreme." My particular favorite is Carlos Santana's first quote (a very spiritual guy himself). John McLaughlin's is pretty good too. I think most of us are still trying to wrap our heads around this album.

So with spiritual running in mind, I would like to invite everyone into my planning process.

Now that the 10K is done and the sore muscles have mostly recovered, I am turning the radar toward future events. The big o' hairy monster at the moment is what I call the "Double Marathon Challenge" in Oct/Nov and since I will be pestering you all for sponsorship, I figured I'd ask "You All" for ideas as to how we should implement it.

Here are my questions: (what would YOU rather do?)

Should I take "mile pledges" in which people give me $1, $5, $10, etc...per mile that I complete (the total distance will be 52.4 miles by the end. OY!) or should it be just a generic pledge amount or both?

Would anyone else running in either/both the Chicago and/or Richmond Marathons (or even the smaller subsidiary runs) like to join the process and collect pledges? We could have a contest with a "fabulous prize package chosen just for you!"

What should be my goal?

Would you like the option to directly sponsor/subsidize (corporately or otherwise) the necessary travel expenses involved?

Should there be some kind of video documentation of the events leading up to the races and would anyone like to volunteer to do it? :-) (The second part of the question is actually the important part)

I will officially start my 18-week training on Saturday, June 5. Anyone wanna use that as an excuse to have a party?

Anyone interested in training with me?

Any trainers out there who want to make sure I stay on task?

Any other way cool ideas?

WARNING! TANGENT! TANGENT! (speaking of not staying on task)

As I'm typing, I started listening to k.d. Lang, "Drag." I actually used the title to search for her version of "My Old Addiction," which I love, and let the whole album play. As her album finished, the playlist on iTunes just kept going like it's prone to do and "Two Thumbs Up" started playing. A little freaky but I'm getting used to these things. Unintentionally, I put Johnny Bregar's album, "Dragonfly" next on the list with my search for "Drag." Just can't get away from that tune and that's OK. With Mr. Bregar's permission, I believe I will make that the theme song of all my running endeavors from here on out.

Need to go get other things done but please feel free to give me feedback on my "Double Marathon Challenge" ideas. Thanks.

Here's MY latest quote:

"Life is not beautiful. Life CAN be beautiful. Sometimes it's a big o pile of shit and you can only hope that you packed an extra roll of the quilted stuff."

Yeah, I'm sure they'll be putting THAT in the next edition of "Notable Quotables." :-)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tattoo Anyone?

We at CJ's Thumbs Up Foundation are very proud to announce that the entire Board of Directors (John Toscano, Dr. Anna Madland, Meredith Hayes, Pam Meyers, Kim Thies, Jay Campbell, Emily Starrett, Lauren Coe, Rachel and myself) went out as a team this afternoon to Red Dragon Tattoo emporium and all got CJ Butterfly tattoos on various parts of our bodies! (Mostly on the shoulders but let's just say I'm feeling just a bit naughty at the moment!)

Red Dragon was the only place in town that could accommodate all of us at one time and they gave us a heck of a deal. CJSTUF subsidized the "ink" through the marketing fund so everything is above board and legal! It took a bit of convincing to get Jay in the chair but a couple shots of Goldschlager will do wonders in these situations.

It kind of hurt (mine especially) but everyone showed remarkable strength and resolve. I was very proud of the whole team, especially Meredith whose artist (interestingly named Sandpaper Sally) had to start over at one point because she realized she was using the wrong pigment of pink.

As soon as we heal up a bit, we'll get a big group photo of everyone's "skin art" posted. Well, all except mine... :-)

Take care,