Saturday, January 1, 2011

This is how we help

A note we received from a recipient of one of our Financial Assistance Grants:

"As I sit by S.'s bed preparing for another round of MRIs at [the] hospital...the same knots appear and churn in my belly.  I'll never get used to this even though we've done this countless times just to check the size and shapes of the tumors throughout her body.  But then I think of you and your Charlotte and realize that "EVERY DAY TRULY IS A BONUS".  Thank you for taking your pain and turning it into something positive.  Thank you for giving out of your tremendous loss.  Thank you for reminding me to never give up and to do all I can with [my daughter].  Thank you for CJ's Thumbs Up Foundation and your Gift of Love."

Thank YOU to our supporters who helps us carry out our mission as we move into year two!

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