Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Donor Profile

A Donor Profile: The Horn Family

When Charlotte Reynolds passed away in January of 2010, the Horn family knew that they wanted to find a way to give to CJSTUF in honor of her memory. They set an initial goal of giving $500 to the organization; however, they soon found this goal to be very challenging. Every month, they would try to save towards their $500 target but something would interfere: the dog needed to go the vet, the car needed new brakes, other unexpected expenses filled the budget.

The Horn Family: Fred, Lisa, and Abby

Finally, Fred and Lisa realized that the best way to give to the Foundation would be a little at a time. The family committed to $20 from each paycheck, drafted by their bank and sent automatically to CJSTUF after each payday. As Fred says, "In the end, we never missed the $20 out of each paycheck. As the months went by, the donations added up. We continue to give each month and we have now surpassed the original goal that we set for our family's contribution to the Foundation."

Thanks to their generous contributions, the Horn family has already helped to provide at least one Financial Assistance Grant for another family in need. They did this through small regular contributions that add up over time.

With our new online donation page, you can set up a recurring donation of any amount. Donations can be made automatically on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

Please consider an ongoing contribution to CJSTUF in your family budget. Help us continue to provide assistance to families in need.

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