Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Diggity Good Fun!

Scott Milstead (formerly of Carbon Leaf and majorly good drummer) has a new project playing family friendly music. Here's a letter he sent out about an upcoming benefit for Connor's Heroes and since we love Connor's Heroes, we encourage everyone to participate!

Well, it's happened...

... I'm in a kids band.

I tried to resist it but the temptation was just too strong. And besides, regression is a strong suit of mine, so why not?

Please read on!

We hope everyone is thawing out from the recent snow and wanted to let you know about some very exciting stuff happening in Diggity World.

Many of you may not know us, but we are The Diggity Dudes, playing Hip Music for Hip kids ( While most of you have been huddling around the fireplace and watching the snow melt, we've been hard at work rehearsing new songs as we get ready to record our debut CD in just over a week. Diggity Mike & Diggity Donny have recruited Diggity Scott to join the band on drums & percussion as the third fulltime Dude, while a host of other musicians are lined up to round out the music in the studio (Scott Duncan formerly of The Venture Rays on bass, Houston Scott of the Houston Scott Band on Harmonica, Sara Gleason of the Velvet Marias & Karen Lynn on back up vocals just to mention a few). The CD should be available in late spring and is going to be a Diggity Biggity Deal.

Of course we can't sit idly by and let our music go unheard, so on March 6th you're going to have 3 (YES THREE) chances to see us. First, we'll be playing in the Northside, at the 10th Annual Linwood Holton 5K, followed by a noon performance at The Diamond for the Flying Squirrels First Annual Family Festival. Then we wrap up the night with a huge full band benefit show at The National to support Connor's Heroes. Over the next few weeks, look for The Dudes in Style Magazine and appearing on Channel 6's Virginia This Morning promoting this epic day of events and great causes.

If you would like to support The Diggity Dudes, you can purchase tickets for The National from any "Dude" for only $10. This is an all ages show, and we take the stage at 7:00, so you can bring ALL YOUR LITTLE ONES and help us "Jump In The Air". The bill is headlined later by The Houston Scott Band, and all proceeds go to Connor's Heroes ( to benefit Childrens Cancer research.

Please pay our site a visit, or catch us on Facebook at The Diggity Dudes. Please, leave us a comment, and tell all your friends to support us on March 6th.

Diggity Mike, Diggity Donny & Diggity Scott

We're also in the early planning stages of a pasta dinner party the night before the Monument Ave 10K as a joint shindig for and First thing we need is to get people to cook and/or provide the food. We'll have it in a location with a kitchen so noone has to risk losing any Pyrex or Pampered Chef. The more provisions we get donated, the cheaper it will be and I would love to provide it free to FUN-raising members of TEAM CJ and Reesestrong. The menu will probably be Spaghetti, garlic bread, good salad, tea, chocolate milk, and beermosas. We might add other things as time goes by. The purpose of the pasta party isn't to make/raise money but to celebrate community and carbo-load for the race.

After the Thumbs Up Ball on Saturday, we'll start taking reservations for the pasta party. (By the way, have you bought your tickets to the ball?)

Anyone want to chair the Pasta Party Planning Committee? I'll chair the Pasta EATING Committee! :-)

Romp n' Roll is open, the sun is actually peeking out, and I have new, free musical software toys with which to play.

Our friends from Colorado, the Goerolds, are in Bethesda and Allie started her experimental protocol a couple days ago. Very interesteing drug that seeks out a protein particular to her type of leukemia and then releases a toxin that attacks the cancer cells. Some serious smarts behind that one. Drug companies = 1

Now if they would spend as much time and money on that as they do on helping old men keep it up, cancer would be a footnote. (Woah, was that out loud? Guess so.)

Anyway, those of you in the MD/DC/NOVA area might want to look them up. They have family around but I'm sure a little extra help of any kind would be appreciated. Rachel and I might try to take a quick trip up.

We also have a newer member of the CANCER SUCKS! club. Her name is Kayla Webb and her family is from my dad's neck of the woods in Tennessee. They're now in Houston for proton beam therapy at MD Anderson. Please think good thoughts for them and if you're in the Houston network, please reach out to them.

That is all.


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  1. Roger: do you have an idea how many people for the dinner and what is the date?

    Susan Ferguson


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