Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Others still fighting the fight.

Very quickly:

Wesley Berry, who we've been following for a long while (We sponsored a hole at his golf tournament), will be going into surgery tomorrow morning to debulk/remove the mass in his brain so everyone please send out the positive energy. Here's his Caringbridge site: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/wesleyberry1

Wilson Braun, who I've just started following, is going in Thursday to place a G-tube which will be a tremendous relief for his family. http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/wilson

As always, there are many others. Go seek.

Please plan to come by the Richmond Kids Expo at the Richmond International Raceway on Saturday starting at 10am. Romp n' Roll will be there and Rompy is actually scheduled to make an appearance! He will be suspiciously about the same size as Mr. Roger. Imagine that! :-)

Been feeling massively mushy lately about all the support and care we've received, and are still receiving, from our Romp n' Roll "family." A mom was talking to me lately, heaping lots of love on us and I thought, for the thousandth time, how much our members and staff have helped us out. Just wanted to say "thanks" yet again.


  1. Prayers for them indeed! We'll see you Saturday at the expo ~ look forward to it! You will be surrounded with love and support for the rest of your days! You guys are such a part of so many lives!

    Here's the CB link to a little fella, Spencer ~ his mom's in my moms club. I'm sure they could use some extra thoughts as well. He just got home from his 3rd surgery.....

    And this is a young man who's mom is in my RAMOM group. Vincent ....

    And, I have followed sweet Ber for a very long time now too. He's a local boy, tho I've never had the honor of meeting him.

    Just a few sweet children who could always use an extra prayer or three!

    HUGS and Love!


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