Sunday, May 30, 2010

Home Again...almost...

Our whirlwind tour of Colorado was fantastic. We loved celebrating Cerisa and Patrick's nuptials. The wedding ceremony itself was Thursday but the celebration lasted all week long. There was an out-of-town family dinner at the Metropolitan (formerly JeffCo) airport on Wednesday night. Then the actual ceremony and reception on Thursday. THEN a hog roast picnic for friends and family on Friday and FINALLY a wind-down at Cerisa's parent's house (Roger's brother) with opening of wedding gifts and good ol' hanging out.

Here are some links to pics of the WEDDING the HOG ROAST and other miscellaneous pictures from the weekend. Roger took most of them but he even let me play with the camera a few times. The weather for all the events was perfect and any rain, storms, or other glitches were few and far between (see the pics of the HAIL STORM that we experienced yesterday).

In between the wedding events, we did some driving up in the mountains to Estes Park and Georgetown. In Georgetown, we met our friends the Goerolds. We had first met them in Houston and little Allie passed away earlier this year. We had a very nice visit with Lynne, Tom, and their other adorable (and VERY smart) daughter Sarah. It was good to not only visit but commiserate a little and do some emotional "checking-in" with one another. Turns out we're all kind of dealing with the grief in our own way but the similarities sure seem to outweigh the differences.

The emotions were up and down the entire trip (at least for me) but overall it was a very relaxing time and it was very good to see friends and family...especially for such a wonderful celebration. Roger and I had some good bonding time where we could focus on one another and our relationship (rather than work) for a change. That's always good because as much time as we spend with one another on a daily basis, we often need that opportunity to reconnect.
So this morning we said our final goodbyes to family and headed to the airport. The flight into Atlanta was kind bumpy due to the weather. We had a good 3 hour layover until our Richmond flight. Then as they were preparing to pre-board, they asked for volunteers to bump to the next morning's flight in exchange for compensation. Roger and I have done this before so given that we didn't NEED to be back for anything on Monday, we kind of jumped at the chance. They put us on the list and told us they would let us know. The boarding process began and the time ticked away. They didn't call our names to board. Then, just as we were sure we would be staying over in Atlanta, they called us to board the flight. We ran down the jetway, settled into our seats, put on our seatbelts and...wait....what was that? The gate agent came back and said they needed us to voluntarily bump after all. Sooooo we disembarked and headed BACK up the jetway. PSYCH! There were four of us in total that were bumped from the flight. We all made small talk as we received our hotel and meal vouchers plus (wait for it) TWO round trip tickets EACH to anywhere Air Tran flies good for the next year. So who wants to be my best friend and take a trip to the Bahamas with me?
We are currently in an Executive Suite at the Westin hotel for a few hours, hopefully getting some rest before we head back to the airport for the early morning Richmond flight. The room is very nice, at least, so that's a plus!
Now some business to attend to:
Our next official CJSTUF fundraiser is in progress. Dot Heffron and Jody Harmon, local Tupperware representatives, are our Home Based Business for June. Supporting CJSTUF is easy. Go to our website for a link to the online fundraising page. You can order from anywhere in the country. Sales must be in by June 23rd. Please share the link with friends and family. I think Dot and Jody may be organizing some local parties as well. If you are interested in hosting a local party to benefit CJSTUF during the month of June, email me and I will forward your information to them.
With that, I will sign off from Atlanta. Our next post should be from Richmond....

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  1. Hello. While I followed you on Caringbridge, I can't seem to get the blog updates added to my email account. Anyway,

    Just wanted you to know that I have read all about your beautiful Charlotte, seen the pictures, and learned about what selfless and strong parents she has. Today, I was given the chance to meet her mom in the flesh, and she is, indeed, all that I have imagined. While I can't even fathom being able to get up out of bed in the morning, she not only does, but she puts a smile on and GIVES 100% to OTHER kids. Simply amazing. You meet people in your life along the way who make a difference, and the Reynolds family - all 3 of them - are at the top of my list. Thank you for sharing your story, for being leaders in our community, and for doing small and large things that will promote awareness and funding for the horrific "c" word that, sadly, is in the same sentence as child. My prayers continue for you.

    Katie and Maddie's mom, Wendy


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