Sunday, August 8, 2010

I told you August would be busy!

So the Wine Down Wednesday last week was a BLAST!  Final total for the fundraiser was $575 and it was a great way to get the word out about CJSTUF to a new crowd of people.  A huge thanks to Kate Hall from and the folks at Skirt magazine for sponsoring and promoting the event. 

As the saying goes, time and tide wait for no man so we are headed for MORE fun events this week.  As mentioned in the previous blog post, our Business of the Month for August is Mary Kay cosmetics and Nichole Frise is our Mary Kay representative.  Here are the details:

As you can see, there are opportunities to order online, in person (at the Fall Frenzy party on 8/12 or at the summer concert), or by phone. 

Speaking of the Summer Concert, make sure you have your calendars marked and join us for this great event.  We just added a new sponsor this week: Richmond BMW!  We are excited that they have contributed to our efforts.  Can't wait to see the sample car that they bring to the concert.

Finally, our PayPal account has been re-activated so the DONATE button on our website is fully functional again.  Spread the word!

With everything we have going on, you might be wondering how Roger and I are doing.  As might be expected, we are both extremely busy, easily working about 60 hours a week at the three jobs we are each balancing.  Roger and I can go for a day or two without even seeing each other.  Thank heaven for text messages and email!  I think we're both pretty exhausted and there just isn't enough time in the day. 

Thankfully, Roger's gig with Kings Dominion should end soon and we are slowly transitioning my Romp n' Roll duties to others.  We kind of see a light at the end of the tunnel (September) and hopefully things will calm down a bit.  Until then, we just keep pluggin'.  We are in the process of assembling a team of individuals who will compose our CJSTUF Advisory Council for the end of 2010 and going into 2011.  This team will work with us and our board to plan events, help with publicity, and help us organize and coordinate other volunteers.  Are you interested?  Some of you have already told us that you are. If we haven't called on you formally yet, don't fret.  BUT...if you want to make sure that we know you want to help, please go to the volunteer section of our website and become a part of our database.  I will be using this information over the next month to pull together some committees and get organized!

Roger and I had a chance to work a birthday party together today for the first time in months.  As usual, Roger was completely engaging and silly with the kids and we made a good team.  We had an interesting moment when one of the guests at the party turned out to be a little blonde girl of 4 or so named Charlotte...wearing a t-shirt with a purple butterfly design.  She really didn't look anything like CJ but it was a funny coincidence all the same. 

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