Sunday, February 20, 2011

70 Days and Counting

The Big Sur International Marathon is 70 days away. Gonna be rough. My knee is still healing and my miles are not increasing like they should be. My "spring" cold-thing and covering for sick employees at Romp n' Roll didn't help either. Well, since I already plan to finish dead last, I have nothing to worry about!

The temps are warming up in the mornings, though, so I'll get out more this week. I also went to see Dr. Anna for an adjustment and some electro-stim on the knee which helped. One funny thing is that I turned the electro-stim up so high that it gave me a blister on my leg. Felt kinda good, though.

The main reason I'm writing is to post a link to a story about the organization with which we've teamed in the Monterey area. The more I learn about the Children's Hospice and Palliative Care Coalition, the more I think we've made a good choice. The article definitely gave me a "moment" while reading in the living room tonight.

This is a group making a difference in families' lives and it's actually saving money in the surreal world of California economics.

On another note, if you're in the Richmond, VA area on Saturday, Feb 26, and you've been longing to get more involved with the Foundation, please come by our house at 9 Slash Ct. in Ashland at 4pm for the big "Volunteer Recruitment Event." There will be refreshments, productive assignments, and a dozen trained monkeys knitting humorous cummerbunds for all.

Ok, one of those things isn't true.

Last but not least, I now have my own FUN-raising page for Monument Ave 10K and Big Sur!!! Please click on the link, laugh at me in a pink skirt, and donate if you'd like.

Enjoy the end of winter and don't forget to hug your babies.

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  1. I would hope it's the 'refreshment' part of the paragraph. SHelley


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