Sunday, April 10, 2011

Girl Scouts Give Back

CJSTUF would like to give a huge shout-out to Girl Scout Troop 3454.  These creative ladies are currently working on their Silver Service Award Project and dedicated the focus of their project to our organization.  

Girl Scouts can earn a butterfly badge so they used our symbol as an opportunity to spread the word about CJSTUF. Troop 3454 invited the Brownie and Junior troops from the area to a Butterfly Day. The event included 6 stations. At each station, the girl scouts shared information they had prepared about monarch migration, endangered butterflies, the butterfly life cycle, and instructions on how to create a butterfly garden at home.  They included butterfly crafts, planting seedlings, creating butterfly poems, and even butterfly-shaped snacks!  The centerpiece of the event was a HUGE pink and purple papier mache butterfly created by the scouts that was decorated by everyone in attendance.  

Learning about butterfly habitats

Planting Zinnia seeds

Learning about different butterflies

Monarch Migration Station
Re-enacting the Butterfly Life Cycle

The Papier Mache Butterfly

Looks cool, right? But wait....there's more! To build awareness about CJSTUF's programs, Troop 3454 distributed information about our foundation to the scouts in attendance and asked everyone to bring non-perishable, healthy snacks.  The troop will now sew pink and purple lunch/snack bags that they will fill with the healthy snacks and then deliver to our friends on the 7t floor of Children's Hospital of Richmond (MCV) as part of the CJ's Meal Fairies program. 

Kudos to these creative, motivated young ladies for their hard work and dedication!

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