Monday, April 11, 2011

Here Comes Big Sur!

Now that the Monument Ave 10K is over and I finished in the mind numbing time of 1:03:58, it is time I focused on the ultimate challenge of the season and that’s the Big Sur International Marathon May 1 near Monterey, California.

As usual, I’m FUN-raising for and I have a personal FUN-raising page to gather pledges! Please click here to support me in my endeavors. My goal is to raise $10,000 overall which will make CJSTUF ready for the 2012 year.

The wonderful part is that I’m not alone in this. Some very special people are helping to make it a successful event including Shelley Wilkinson, my very good friend from my college days at the Univ. of Northern Colorado, and the amazing people at the Children’s Hospice & Palliative Care Coallition.

Because of them, we will be using some of the money raised to benefit families right there in the Monterey Peninsula so PLEASE tell any and all friends, family, acquaintances anywhere remotely near the west coast to pledge a few bucks to the cause.

The 26.2 mile course has been modified this year from a one-way, “point-to-point” race starting in Big Sur and finishing in Carmel to an “out-and-back” course beginning “just before the Carmel River Bridge and heading south on Highway One. The Marathoners will start first at 6:45 AM, followed by the 21-Milers. The turnaround is yet to be determined but will be in the vicinity of Rocky Creek Bridge. The 21-Milers will tentatively turn around at Rocky Point Restaurant. On the return trip the Marathoners will take an approximate 1.7 mile detour through Pt. Lobos State Park before returning to Highway One.”

This is due to a 40+ foot section of Highway 1 falling into the ocean making the traditional course impassable. There are many people griping about not being able to run the traditional course but as I’ve never run it, the scenery should still be breathtaking both ways for me.

It’s also convenient for me in that they have extended the maximum finish to 6-1/2 hours. I have the feeling I’ll need every second of that! I will finish triumphantly; in last place but triumphantly!

I expect this will be my last marathon for a while as my knee is still giving me fits but I plan on running smaller races after a little PT and sports rehab.

Thank you all very much for your support. Please remember that Every Day Is A Bonus.


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