Monday, June 13, 2011

Got Pets?

CJSTUF is excited to announce our Business of the Month for June
Dr. Bob Magnus, The Housecall Vet

Our pets are important members of our family. They need regular care to stay healthy. Sometimes, however, scheduling visits with the vet can be a challenge. Enter Dr. Bob Magnus: The Housecall Vet.

Dr. Magnus (or Dr. Woof as he likes to be called) makes caring for your pets simple and affordable. As a concierge vet, he will come to your home to administer exams and vaccinations for all your 4-legged family members. 

Tigger enjoying his big backyard.
We recently made an appointment with Dr. Woof for our two cats, Tigger and Noah. In the past, we would have to make two separate appointments for the cats at the vet's office due to the struggles involved getting them into their crates, working around other 4-legged patients, and dealing with their individual cat neuroses. This time, Dr. Woof came to us. He examined the cats in the comfort of our living room and administered their vaccines. Less than thirty minutes later, Tigger and Noah were enjoying their big backyard.  

You might imagine that a concierge service like this would be too expensive for most families but we found Dr. Woof's services to be very affordable. We may have even paid less for Dr. Woof's services than we did for our last vet visit. 
Noah, our diva cat. Now he's going to demand housecalls.
Book your vet appointment with Dr. Woof during the month of June and 25% of your bill will directly benefit CJSTUF.  As an added bonus, Dr. Woof is currently offering his services FREE of charge to families effected by chronic and life-threatening illnesses.  If you know of a family that needs help caring for their 4-legged friends while also supporting a child with health challenges, contact us so we can put them in touch with Dr. Woof.

Thanks to The Housecall Vet for their support of CJSTUF. If your business would like to be featured as a CJSTUF business of the month, contact us so we can get you on the calendar. 

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