Sunday, April 25, 2010

Long overdue kudos

Since it's been almost a month since the Monument Ave 10K, I think it's about time we recognize the wonderful runners, walkers, and fundraisers who did their part for CJSTUF. I apologize for the tardiness in this post but we had some last minute donations trickling in.

We had over 25 participants who raised significant sums for the foundation. In total, the Monument Ave 10K race brought in about $7000 for our organization. Amazing!

Our top three individual fundraisers were:
Summer Davey
Susan Greenbaum
Megan Blake

Individually, they each brought in over $600 and Summer broke the $1000 mark! Way to go!

Other top fundraisers include (in no particular order):
Greg & Erin Pittman
Michael & Babz Barnett
Robin & Mark O'Sullivan
The Greci Family
Emily Starrett
Meg Helsley
Rick Whittington
Sarah Derr
Megan Bosher
Lori Raybould
Kathy & Rob Suydam
Judy Read
Jenneane Snyder
Jen Berg
Erin Brunner
Christy Yeadon
Jenny Burkhead
Ginger Figuly
Beth Boston
Anna Czaplicki

I think we plan to have a Monument Ave 10K team again next year. Don't forget that Roger will be running in not just one but TWO marathons before the year is over (Chicago in October and Richmond in November). His goal is to raise $10,000 with both marathons and he is currently assembling an ad hoc committee to help with his fundraising efforts.

If you live far away, don't fret! You can still be a part of TEAM CJ. Check out our website for information about how to participate regardless of where your race is located. We are currently looking into getting REAL race shirts (wicking shirts) for those die-hard runners. I know Roger has mentioned him before, but HUGE kudos to James Staudte for leading the charge with his first triathalon out in California. He raised over $1000 for CJSTUF as well.

Many events on the horizon in the coming weeks. Be sure to check the CJSTUF calendar frequently for updates and detailed information about special events.

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