Monday, April 26, 2010

So Many Ways To Give!

It's Roger. I haven't written in a rather long time because Rachel keeps saying what needs to be said in the right way.

But now I have another exciting announcement to make (and there are more in the pipeline so stay tuned!).

Due to popular request, (seriously, someone wanted it, so we did it) anyone who wants to make an electronic or automatic monthly donation to CJSTUF either via online bill pay or direct deposit from their paycheck can now do so!

Thanks to our favorite bank, People's Bank of Virginia, it took all of 20 minutes to make it happen. We got a dedicated savings account just for this purpose which is safe because bad guys can't hack the main account through it.

Here's what you do. If you'd like to pay vial online bill pay, send payments to:
Peoples Bank of Virginia
P.O. Box 71960
Richmond, VA 23255

Please reference account # 15013170 - CJ's Thumbs Up Foundation

If you want to do direct deposit, set it up to go to:

CJ's Thumbs Up Foundation
Account # 15013170

At: Peoples Bank of Virginia
ABA: 051409142

Simple as that.

We'd also like to gratefully acknowledge that Nichole Davis Frise has agreed to make her Mary Kay franchise our August Home-Based Business Of The Month! During the entire month of August, ALL (Yes, I did say, "ALL") profits will be donated to CJSTUF. Thanks Nichole!

The ASK 5K was a big success in spite of the occasional drips of rain. The Kourageous Kids group photo op was pretty amazing and a bit bittersweet for me to see. Beautiful Maddie and Superstrong Reese were just two of the stage-full of kids all wearing ASK orange. Wesley (Win4Wes) was also there looking extremely good. I mean, I almost wouldn't have guessed he had brain surgery just a couple months ago. Strange but I couldn't help feeling just a tiny bit out of place even with all the wonderful energy of the event. It might have been something as simple as not having anything official to do. I'm so used to being an organizer, I think I had trouble just being there, "doing" stuff.

I ran with Megan Blake who set a pretty good pace, not because she wanted a good time, necessarily, but because her daughter, Katie was in her first dance recital and she had to boogie to get there in time. I'm still pretty sore, Megan! THANKS!!!

Pencil in May 1, 2011. Don't plan your root canal that day. We might be taking a road-trip (via an airplane) to the Big Sur International Marathon and we'll need an entourage! :-) My friend, Shelley, is committee chair/point person for any CJSTUF festivities out there. We have other friends out there as well that we will press into service when the time comes! It's very early in the game. Details to come as they unfold.

More immediately, Rachel mentioned the "Double Marathon Challenge and it's getting closer to being an official "thing." The ad-hoc committee will be coalescing soon and training officially begins June 5th, although I feel like I've already started. Anyone interested in getting their business involved in sponsoring me with shoes, shorts, a lifetime supply of ibuprofen, "Weightgain 5000 Lard Enhancement Nutritional Supplements," etc... can contact me directly.

"The Bush" continues to grow, we still miss Charlotte, and the big Romp n' Roll move is just around the corner. Everything else will just have to fit in the cracks.

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