Friday, December 30, 2011

Remembering CJ

For anyone interested in helping us remember Charlotte on the day of her death, we are going to have a small get-together at our house at 1 PM. We will have some helium balloons to release with notes to CJ. You may bring your own balloons/notes as well (no mylar please).  Then we'll have some fellowship time with coffee and hot cocoa/chocolate milk for all.  Anyone is welcome. There is an invitation on Facebook if you would like to RSVP

If you live far away and can not attend, you are welcome to remember Charlotte in your own way. Please feel free to share your remembrances on 1/7 on the CJSTUF facebook page or on our blog. We will set up a special page on January 6th and you will be able to add comments to that post with your memories of Charlotte or ways that you are remembering her that day.  

Thank you,

Rachel & Roger

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