Friday, January 6, 2012

Share your memories with us

Saturday January 7th will mark two years since Charlotte emerged from her consuming chrysalis and flew away as a beautiful butterfly. 

We will remember the day with friends and family at 1 PM in our cul-de-sac. Anyone local is welcome to attend. We will have plenty of balloons and blank notes so people can write and send messages to Charlotte.

If you cannot attend our Remember CJ event, we invite you to remember sweet Charlotte in your own way. Please leave a message in the comments, either here in the blog or on our Facebook page, telling us how you have marked the day, a favorite Charlotte memory, or anything else you would like to share.

We appreciate the love and support that we feel from our community at this time. 

With much love,

Rachel & Roger

If you have tissues handy, you're invited to watch this video created by our friends, Julia Dollison & Kerry Marsh, in honor of Charlotte. It's a beautiful tribute to our girl.  

About the music: transcribed from Keith Jarrett's improvised solo piano recording in "Radiance Part 8", vocal a cappella arrangement by Kerry Marsh, lyrics by Julia Dollison, performed by Kerry Marsh & Julia Dollison.


Sometimes in her sleep, she smiles.
Is she dreaming? is she far away?

Sometimes in her sleep, she laughs.
Is she happy? does she wish she could stay?

Sometimes in her sleep, she cries,
and you hold her and pray.

Morning comes, and she'll forget -
Things we dream about never make much sense.
Then the sun shines in, so bright,
just like her radiance.

All these moments fly by so quickly,
but she never seems to mind -
as long as you're by her side.

Sometimes in her sleep,
She awakens to find you were there all the while.
With a smile, she returns to her dreams.


  1. It brought it all back; that deep deep sadness, her peaceful face when listening to Frosty, her humorous affectations during "proper" tea and crumpets, Rachel's face of pure love and pure sorrow which made me want to turn away but somehow it seemed that Rachel would be empowered from knowing we absorbed her expression; those fluttering eyelids as Mary P began to sing ---and the unparalled courage of Rachel and Roger, inviting us along, encouraging us to be strong and thanking us for being present. Love, Carolyn

  2. What a beautiful tribute for an extraordinary girl.

  3. I remember a video that I'm guessing you must have sent through email (since we weren't on fb), that showed CJ learning to walk. She was out in the street, wearing super cute Robeez, with those adorable curls. She was so proud of her accomplishment and was beaming from ear to ear. I am sure she has that same smile now with the pride she feels for Rachel and Roger. Your strength, courage, and determination has made it possible for so many families to have some of the burden lifted from their shoulders. You have turned your pain and sorrow into a beautiful thing.


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