Sunday, September 2, 2012

Every Vote Counts!

As you may have heard by now, Rachel has been named a candidate in two voting contests. Each one could help CJSTUF earn funds that we can use towards our mission. 

You don't have to register your email address or log in. Just click to vote every 24 hours.

Contest #1: Eagle Rare Award. Rachel was a runner up for this award last year and CJSTUF received $2000 that we are using for the Lunch Bunch program.  We could earn up to $30,000 for CJSTUF this year if we win the big prize! Rachel is currently in 5th place. Voting ends January 2013.  

Lady Godiva logo Contest #2: Rachel was one of nine women selected from over 1000 entries for the fall round of voting in the Lady Godiva Program. If she wins this round, CJSTUF gets $1000 and a chance to earn up to $10K in the final round. Voting ends September 26. 

We know that we have a wonderful Network. That is how CJSTUF came to be in the first place. In the last three years, our network has continued to grow and we appreciate all of the support.  Voting in these contests helps us achieve our mission and it only takes a few seconds of your time.  If you can spare a few more seconds, please share this blog in an email or on social media with your friends. Every vote counts!

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