Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mainly for the Cheer Team

This message is mainly aimed at anyone participating or helping with the Cheer Team. Important announcements! Please email Meredith Hayes with specific questions. If you can send her a quick note to let her know you are coming, that would be appreciated.

The weather should be SUNNY but CHILLY! Please try to wear a long sleeved tee and/or layers UNDER your Team CJ shirt (rather than a sweatshirt or jacket over) so that our team shirts can be displayed proudly. If you have butterfly wings of any kind, please bring those to wear. I may have a few extras.

We are between Tilden and Roseneath on Monument so we'll meet at the Arthur Ashe Statue at 8 AM. Rachel will be at the statue to meet everyone and will handle clean up duty.

Meredith will be picking up signs tomorrow required by the race committee for us to decorate on Friday night. Please bring markers and other craft materials to the spaghetti dinner. There are balloons provided by the race committee and Meredith will pick them up Saturday AM.
Please bring a large mylar butterfly balloon if you can, found at any Ukrops or Kroger grocery store. Party City has some as well.

Meredith has large butterflies that need to be put on sticks and she will bring those Friday to the spaghetti dinner.

Music and "noise":
If you have any creative ideas for a special cheer, bring it to share on Saturday with copies to distribute. We will have music to play from a portable boom box.

Giveaways: A last minute but fun idea....let's try to get as many pink and purple mums and/or daisies to give out to runners. We know we can't get enough for all runners (30K+!) and, quite honestly, most of the hard core runners won't take one BUT I think the walkers and slower runners would love one. If anyone knows of a good source for inexpensive bulk flowers, email Rachel ASAP. I will try to get as many as I can before Saturday.

We don't have a confirmed number of who is coming so please just come and bring all of your buddies! Kids welcome! I have heard judges are dispersed throughout the race so we don't have a specific time to be the best, we just have to be the best the whole time!

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