Tuesday, March 30, 2010

There's No Such Thing As "Closure"

That word should be stricken from the Earth. I think people who throw around the term, "closure," should be forced to watch interpretive dance chronicling the Middle East peace process...in REAL TIME...while having to pee.

(Look at that, already digressing)

Warning, long rambling post ahead.

The Richmond Jazz Society answers the phone or greets audiences at official events buy saying, "Bright Moments" by request, and in memory of local jazz legend, Joe Kennedy, Jr. I've always liked that. It's a simple thing but it has helped center me every now and then.

I could certainly use some centering right now. The ups and downs and the swings from light to dark and back again are kind of getting old.

Rachel and I are still trying to juggle everything (CJSTUF, moving the business, wrestling with bills, the many other responsibilities and chores we have) while not killing each other, and the "CJ moments" keep happening. Pretty frequently these days. They aren't all bad, some are downright heartwarming. Like the child at Romp n' Roll yesterday who took a castanet, opened it up, and held it to her ear like a cell phone that flips out. Charlotte did that all the time very early on. It made me stop and do an inward, "Awwww." I even showed it to another child tonight.

But as I was driving home from a very long day of ups and downs, it really nailed me between the eyes that I will never hold her again. It was just a very sad thought as I headed north. It's nothing that debilitates me or makes me curl up into a fetal position (decidedly inconvenient when driving) but it still really, really sucks.

On top of that, we keep finding out about new members of "The MCV Vacation Club." They don't really have to be at MCV, just battling cancer.

Lots of musician friends are having biopsies or radiation or chemo or all of the above. One in particular is Judy Kushner, wife of Gantt Kushner, music engineer of the two Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet CDs and Ginny's solo CD. A beautifully spiritual family. Judy just had surgery for brain cancer. From Gantt's reports, she's doing very well and has started PT and OT. Please feel free to contact them as they can use the support (moral and otherwise). He also has a FB site: http://www.facebook.com/gantt.kushner and his studio is called "Gizmo Studios"

There's also a little boy named Ricky who just moved onto the 7th floor and is now under the care of Dr. Tye. He's got TWO tumors working and they aren't the same kind (can't even fathom the odds of that happening). They came down from a homeless shelter up north and have very little. I haven't had the time to give them the attention they deserve but they at least are hooked up with the names of people and organizations that could help them. They all need your positive energy.

Thanks to ASK, Starlight, Reesestrong, Child Life, LINC and the other organizations helping them, and other children, out in one way or another.

Out of the blue today, a child at Romp n' Roll To Go said, "Mr. Roger, I'm sorry your son died." (a little confused, maybe, but very touching nonetheless). I think it kind of freaked out the staff person assisting me which I actually found slightly amusing.

There are some good things happening; part of the "swings to the light." The money keeps coming in for TEAM CJ. The Monument Ave. 10k has now brought in somewhere between $5,000 and $6,000 and still counting!

We didn't win the Spirit Group contest but we had a great time and those who won were very deserving:

This is froom an email from the Sportsbackers -

"According to the judges from Hirschler Fleicher:

First Place Winner - All Saints Catholic School

Second Place Winner - Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School

Third Place Winner - Dance Masters Diva Dance Team"

NEXT TIME!!! Sat, April 2, 2011. SAVE THE DATE NOW!

Free Babies and Toddlers week at RnR is going gangbusters! It's been great seeing all the new (literally) faces. (still waiting till someone comes in looking for their free baby)

Chick-fil-a is holding their 3rd annual Cow Drop on May 8 at the Hanover County Airport. Tickets bought at the VA Center Marketplace CFA will benefit CJSTUF!

Guess this isn't as long as it could be. It's still rambling, though.

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