Monday, March 22, 2010

Roller Coasters Aren't My Favorite Anymore

Wish I had more time to write but I need to get to Romp n' Roll for the afternoon classes.

This weekend has been a massive up and down and back again ride. Not all that fun I might add. And it has continued today. Can't blame it on the weather as it has been beautiful before today.

My entire existence is just plain tired. "Face it boys, I'm pooped!" Going from great classes and super positive child successes where the parents are sending emails and letters thanking us to the bottom of the pit because I hear a song or see a video that reminds me of how much I miss Charlotte. From seeing/hearing about how excited people are about TEAM CJ and the 10K this weekend to weird scheduling snafus that make everyone look bad. From a child who very clearly tells me he doesn't like me or why I'm in his classroom (a first as far as I can tell) to finding a bag of money on my desk from a child who wanted donations given to CJSTUF instead of birthday presents. The list goes on and most of it shouldn't sway me that much either direction but I think my defenses are wearing a bit thin.

One of the hardest parts of the weekend was that a bunch of clothes got cleared out from Charlotte's closet. It's not like we haven't given stuff away before; her toys have gone in a couple of waves and though it was sad, it wasn't as gut wrenching for us as giving away the clothes. Rachel put them into nice neat bags and they were ready days ago but when it came time to take them downstairs the world fell apart for a while. Can't say I've recovered.

I'm leaning on the foundation and Romp n' Roll pretty heavily right now. It helps tremendously that both seem to be developing nicely. Thanks to everyone helping to keep us afloat financially, emotionally, etc...

Gotta go. Wish I could write more...

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