Monday, December 21, 2009

Quite the day of reading...

It's no wonder that Charlotte is sleeping. Snoring actually. We had readers at the house at 6 AM this morning and aside from a few minutes break here and there, we had almost constant readers until almost 8:45 tonight! I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful energy it creates in the house. I love it! And thanks to all those who are bringing us healthy snacks (or wine).

Nothing new to report on the medical front for her. She continues to be awake for a few hours at a time and then sleep for a few hours. The meds have remained fairly constant. She doesn't talk much (every once in a while a word slips out) but she usually responds to yes/no questions and sometimes waves. Every once in a while her eyes open as well.

I actually went to work at romp n' roll this morning. I helped Emily with winter camp and it was great. Emily actually ran camp and I just helped on the front desk and was the "trusty assistant". It was so much fun to play tickle monster with the kids. They were a great group and I think it was a good return.

I also got to meet with Matt today. He was nice enough to come over to my neck of the woods and we had a good chat.

We did have to say goodbye to Aunt B today. She was very helpful during her stay here and I know she enjoyed her time with Charlotte. We will miss her a lot! (We always do.)

If you haven't been on our website lately, you should check out the photo page. It's Charlotte-palooza! We have slide shows from many of our recent adventures posted there. For many of our friends who do not have access to Facebook, this is your chance to catch up!

Many have asked if we have plans for the Christmas holiday and we don't. We just plan to stay home and "lay low". Visitors and readers (especially Skype-ers) are welcome. Just let us know.

By the way, the house is FULL of food (and I'm happy to say most of it is healthy). The fridge is FULL to capacity and the freezer has some good stuff in it too. Just want to make sure everyone knows we are grateful and we are being well-cared for.

Have a great evening, everyone.

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  1. I have followed Charlotte's story on and off through out the year, but hadn't checked in on her in a little bit until recently. That is when I read the news that you had taken Charlotte on her wish trip and that there were no longer any treatment options left. I was so sad to read that and at the same time so happy to hear she went to Disney. We just took our MAW trip there in October and I know the magic there. I have been reading your last few posts and I was amazed to read that she felt wonderful during the trip and was able to enjoy it, what a treasure of memories that must have given you. I am so sorry for her decline now, but am so happy that she can be at home with you.

    Your foundation looks like it is off to a great start. I am on the board of a foundation called the Princess Alexa Foundation ( that began last year after my friends daughter passed away from Neuroblastoma. It is so amazing that you can share so much with others during these very difficult days.


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