Friday, December 18, 2009

As Good as it Gets

Today has been an ok day (so far). She slept pretty much through the night and only roused at about 6 AM. I administered her needed meds. At first, she was not able to open her mouth to talk or eat but after the medications got into her, she actually took a sip of chocolate milk and then proceeded to drink a full 8 oz (a rompy cup) full. She talked to Roger a little bit too. The day has consisted of:

Visits from friends, schoolmates, and Noah's Children staff to read, sing, and talk to her (and us).

Administration of medications (all timing related so lots of tracking involved)

Awaiting the snow and now watching it fall. It is coming down pretty well right now and anyone in the Richmond area (or those keeping an eye on the Weather Channel) know that we are headed for some good snow. I guess it's a good thing that everyone bought out the grocery chains and filled up their gas tanks.

She has been sleeping, dozing, sometimes slightly awake, and even occasionally responsive to questions with head nods and appropriate waves, etc. Sometimes she is even snoring. She hasn't eaten anything since this morning but she genuinely seems comfortable and content. That makes me happy.

The visits have all been wonderful and I was really amused when one of her preschool friends said, "Her hair grew back!" and another one said, "And her face got a lot bigger!" I love the innocence of children. I think they had a good visit. At the same time, I think Roger had almost as much fun entertaining the kids who visited. It's good therapy all around.

They will be delivering a pump for the morphine tonight and we will get it started tomorrow. This will hopefully even out her morphine dose while allowing us to "push" some extra if she seems in distress. It's hard to say where things will go from here (there are multiple possibilities) but I doubt she will be alert on a regular basis from this point forward.

I have VERY good news on the Denver front: I have had THREE people contact me about helping with our family in need that lives in Golden. I have sent out an email to everyone, putting all in touch with one another, so hopefully the ball is ROLLING. Be on the lookout. We may use this blog or our website as a vehicle to help with PR or networking as we help this family. Thank you to those of you who have agreed to help. Lara Lombardo, a friend of Roger's from high school (Denver North!), helped to organize a bake sale in Denver recently for CJ and they raised a little over $400. We have asked them to pass these funds directly on to the family in Denver in CJ's honor. Thanks to any of you who participated in that. The CJSTUF network is working already! THIS is what it's all about!! (No, Roger, it's NOT the Hokey Pokey!!)

OK, I understand dinner is on its way so I plan to go watch the snow, enjoy my daughter, enjoy a meal, and stay safe and cozy indoors. Y'all do the same!


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