Friday, January 23, 2009

Feeding Tube Is In

Charlotte got a feeding tube tonight and that was not fun. They had a little trouble getting it in and had she the strength, she would have made them take it up the nose! They also had to try three different types of tape before they found one that stuck well enough.
One of her friends from Romp n' Roll, Audry, was very concerned about CJ and made her grownup get her a gift. She absolutely loved the Princess Computer. She played with it for a good while tonight. She also loved the hug the Audry gave me to give to her.

Before visiting hours ended, Charlotte had some very welcome visitors who made her smile and played games with her and, of course, sang to her. Becky and Vance came back for a while and Vance created a great little game where he held up a corner of the blanket, placed the purple car that Larson gave her and when Charlotte said, "Ready, set, go," he let it run! It would roll all the way onto her belly/chest which amused her to no end.

Auntie 'Retta and Uncle Alfred also came by. Alfred played peek-a-boo and actually got a few big laughs and then they sang to her with occasional moments of two-part harmony.

As Rachel said, "Now we wait." We'll be in and out of the store teaching, picking things up, dropping things off, etc... I taught today which was a grand diversion. I felt a little rusty but everyone seemed pretty patient. Rachel will be teaching tomorrow. We needed a little "reality" back in our lives.
The Richmond Dads Yahoo group provided lunch for us today and the Greater Ashland JayCee's brought dinner. Lots o' yummy goin' on.

More in the morning...

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