Monday, January 26, 2009

IV Fun

Quite the evening. Charlotte slept for a good long while after PT came to visit. She did finish most of the chocolate milk before drifting off to sleep, though.
We had a few visitors later today including "Dr. Dan", Auntie Retta, Uncle Kolbey, and Fred & Abby.
She woke up later in the evening complaining of pain. My guess is there are some "bowel" issues as we haven't had much activity in a few days. Trying to "move things along" (so to speak). The tylenol didn't work so nurse Ann did manage to get her some morphine (God Bless her...and morphine...)

Then it was bathtime. Well..............

We lifted one of her stuffed animals up to clear off the bed and the tape latched on to the animal. Unfortunately, it pulled her IV out. Blood started going all over the bed (yikes). She really wasn't in any pain at this point but mama sure was shocked! Nurse Ann quickly put pressure on the site and got everything cleaned up BUT we had to put in a new IV in the other arm. NOT FUN!!! The nurse missed on the first try but got it the second try. Crying all the while. (CJ, not the nurse). Well, needless to say, after that she definitely needed a bath. The sponge bath cleaned her up very nicely. I think Rompy is going to need a bath too. The nurse is seeking out some H2O2 to clean him up.

After the bath, we sat her up in the chair (on my lap) to watch an episode of Caillou. Then she was ready for bed again. Sleeping soundly (snoring even...)

Time for mama to get some sleep too.

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