Monday, January 26, 2009

January 25 Updates: Post-Surgery

6:47 AM, CST
A good night for Charlotte. Not so good for mommy...

She slept very well and only woke up at 4 AM when they had to draw blood. Not a fun experience but we sang some songs. The nurses did as well as they could.

The doctor did come by about 6 AM to take out the hemovac. This was draining the blood from her brain and had slowed down considerably so they just removed it. No pain at all with that and now her hat can be "off" if she wants. They are going to try to wash her hair a little today. They said the incision looks VERY good. Nice work, Dr. Tye!

On a more personal note, I ate something that didn't agree with me (not sure what) and had some stomach cramps all night. I did sleep pretty well but felt kinda on the verge of vomiting. Yay. I'm sure everyone wanted to know that. On the other hand, I think whatever it is is passing through my system and I am already starting to feel a little better this AM. The nurse was sympathetic to my plight but, of course, they can't give me anything. She did bring me some ginger ale. Nurses are so good!
On a really good note, I finally got to see LOST last night (hooray for and a fairly fast internet connection). Oh how I missed my show! Now I've just got to listen to my podcast to figure it all out! Got a few theories if you want to favorite Sawyer nickname so far: Frogurt!! :-)
We are expecting a steady stream of visitors for Charlotte today and that is great. Visiting hours are 10 AM-9 PM and you just come to the 7th floor of the main hospital. You will need to show ID and they will page me.

All for now. Charlotte still snoozing away. I am so glad she can rest!

12:53 PM, CST
Charlotte has had a busy morning!

Some very good news: They have removed the Hemovac cord (blood drain from her head), the catheter, and one more IV so she only has one IV in her hand right now which should hopefully allow her left foot to move more. We got her out of bed and sitting up in a chair with all the stuffed animals propping her up.

She had a great visit today from a therapy dog named Riley. He was a 9 year old irish setter that did tricks, licked her, and let her pet him. He also jumped up into her bed! (She was in the chair at the time).

Visits today so far from Aunt Meg, Anna and Madison, and Miss Jan. I think she's kinda tired and not saying a lot but her eyes are very expressive. She wanted to watch a lot of Dora today. All for now. Roger is now here. I'm feeling better but tired.


6:46 PM, CST
As the day has gone on, we were blessed with many visitors. Thanks to all who came by. Charlotte has been much more quiet today and as the day has waned, she has complained more of pain. They upped her dose of morphine (she was on a really low dose) and will now give it to her on a regular schedule rather than only when she complains. It is not unusual for the pain to increase in situations like this.
At the moment, she is laughing at daddy's antics. That is good to see.

I am feeling much better. I had an extra nap today and then made a run to Target for some organizing bins (for all her goodies) and Aunt B and I got a drink at Starbucks (chai tea for me). That and an ibuprofen made all the difference in the world. I feel 100% better!

We haven't really said this yet in the journal, but we want to give an extra shout-out to Dr. Weber and all the folks at Pediatric Associates of Richmond. We are so impressed with his judgment call to send Charlotte on to the ER. With as few symptoms as she was displaying, I think it would have been very easy to dismiss our concerns and/or miss the problem. We also appreciate the fact that they continue to check on her progress. In the 3 years we have worked with this practice, we have had very good experiences, but this one "takes the cake". Thanks so much!

8:04 PM, CST
CJ has had a bath, bedding changed, fresh morphine and is enjoying a Charlotte's Web video. Auntie 'Retta and Uncle Alfred came buy with a new cool toy that kept CJ's attention for a good 20 minutes. They sang her their nite-nite song again and all was well.

Excitement on the floor...a new "admit," as they say here. Not sure of the circumstances but there were lots of police and they worked on the child for a very long time after admittance. One more add-on for everyone's various paryer lists and such. I have no name or even gender for you. Just another anonymous kid who doesn't deserve whatever happened to him/her.

10:29 PM, CST

As usual, can't sleep but CJ is out like a light.

Sorry for any/all who have tried to contact us to provide meals and services. We're having communication troubles. We're still scheduling meals and receiving meals for three or four people to freeze in the big new freezer so if you'd like to help, please call my cell..

On a very sad note, the child brought in earlier with all the police did not make it. It will probably be on the news. Another sensless, stupid shooting.

If you must have guns in the same house with children, please PLEASE keep them disassembled and locked up in separate cases with ammo in yet another location. Or better yet, don't have guns in the house with kids. This was so preventable. Hearing a woman right outside our door having to A: deal with her (I assume) baby's sudden and violent death; B: explain it to the authorities, and then; C: face the legal consequenses is not even remotely pleasant. I've not felt myself a particularly sheltered person but these last few days I'm learning so much about real life...

Please hug your children once more.

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