Monday, January 26, 2009

There's Good News and Bad News (deep breath...)

Good news is that the tumor is what they call a PNET (Primative neuroectodermal tumor) which means it's operable. Malignant but operable. The "level" designation we were talking about earlier doesn't really apply to these types of masses.

The bad news is that it's in a really bad place due to what it is pushing up against. They have to go in again on Thursday and try to get as much of the rest as possible. Dr. Tye said that since the pathology report has shown him that she has a fighting chance, he wants to be much more aggressive this time (even though he's still fairly sure that he can't get it all) which means that CJ might possibly have much more serious physical deficits than with the first surgery. Fortunately, she's very young and can recover very well if not completely.

She will also probably need a shunt installed to help with drainage from the brain and a "port" of some kind implanted for the chemotherapy that is almost assuredly in her future. The shunt is completely under the skin and permanent and who knows how long the chemo port would be in. Dr. Tye wants to get another MRI done Thursday morning before the operation which will minimize the anesthesia she'll have to have. They'll put in all the hardware during surgery as well.

Then another period of recovery where she'll be evaluated and all that stuff. They may want her to go through a period of rehab before we start chemo/radiation but it kinda depends on how she is post-surgery and what type of treatment Dr. Khan wants to pursue.

While this is certainly not "good" news, it is pretty realistic with what we have been expecting. We have been warned that the process will be long from here on out. Probably year's worth of treatment and rehab. (probably at St. Jude's) We are preparing ourselves for that.

Thanks to everyone who continues to step up to the plate for us: our romp n' roll staff, the folks at the other area stores, our customers, friends, and family who have offered help wherever needed.
Charlotte continues to sleep peacefully and we will keep you updated.

Thanks to Emily Starrett for lunch today and to all the visits from our friends and family. I think cousin Jeff is bringing lunch tomorrow. His daughter, Savannah is another absolute beauty.

The big card from St. James The Less was delivered and sits nicely under the T.V.

Uncle Vance got off fine yesterday. Dad and Juanita Bonita will be coming in soon.

Babz, looks we need RNR2Go covered again Thursday if possible.

Rachel & Roger

PS She did get a sip or two of chocolate milk today! Didn't want much more than that but it's a start!

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