Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Wonderful Story

Todd from Roger's Dad's group stopped by tonight to say hello. He said that he was at the gym today and was talking with someone about Charlotte's story. Someone else (a perfect stranger to Todd) overheard the story and also knew Charlotte. They shared that bond of knowing both are keeping their thoughts on little Miss CJ. So amazing! Todd is sorry that he could not remember her name...

But what a wonderful world we live in.

I am overcome with joy.

Tonight I lift up in prayer the staff at MCV. There are those involved in the primary care of our child and all of the other children (and adults) in need of medical care. There are also the 1000s of hands that make the hospital work: custodians, specialists, volunteers, security guards, maintenance workers, elevator operators, parking attendants. They are all such integral cogs in the wheel of an amazing machine.

I also lift up those less fortunate than us. We have met many families who drift in and out of the family room on the 7th floor. Many of their stories are even more dire and they do not have the foundation of support we are experiencing. Please keep Hope and her family in your prayers. Remember Ashana and her mother. The beautiful red-haired girl whose name I forget but whose smile lights the room....and all the others on the 7th floor who are searching for health and strength tonight.

We are kinda stuck in a holding pattern till Tuesday or so. We hope to rejoin some of our "normalcy" as the week progresses but we are so grateful for help because we know that "normal" is going to change for us from here forward. (like we ever lived a "normal" life to begin with).

The updates will continue and I promise to get some sleep!


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