Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm thinking (hoping) we've made it over the hump.

I'm thinking (hoping) we've made it over the hump. Charlotte's appetite seemed to come back with a vengeance yesterday. She was eating and drinking a LOT and she only had a two hour nap yesterday. We continued the fluids overnight just to be safe, but I think we will skip them tonight. She ate two chicken strips from Chick Fil A, about 3-4 bowls of cereal, some fruit, a few cookies, and LOTS of chocolate milk and apple juice. I hope that this means that the somnolence syndrome is fading.We go in to see Dr. Khan tomorrow and I'm sure they will run numbers as well as take a look at all the other vitals. We just got a letter in the mail today telling us that her MRI has been scheduled for early morning on Friday, November 7th (a Friday). The countdown begins!She had a busy day at Romp n' Roll today. Roger stopped by with her in between running errands while I was teaching this morning and she decided that she wanted to stay. She didn't participate a lot in classes. In fact, Ms. Annette ended up becoming Charlotte's personal reader but then we went home for a mid-afternoon nap and came back to RNR this evening for princess class and two for 2's. She participated to the best of her ability and it's been good to see her trying.I heard that the ReeseStrong 5K got a great plug this morning on Lite 98 by Bill Bevins! What a great connection for getting the word out. We are very excited about the weekend's activities and it looks like the weather will cooperate.Big today tomorrow, including the arrival of granny and gramps!That's all for now,Rachel

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