Friday, October 9, 2009

In the last 3 days, Charlotte has slept (and slept) (and slept).

In the last 3 days, Charlotte has slept (and slept) (and slept). Wednesday wasn't much better than Tuesday. She spent most of the day asleep, practically catatonic, and/or in bed resting. We were really getting worried since she wasn't taking in much food or drink and she hadn't pooped in DAYS. Yesterday, Roger took her to the clinic bright and early. She was still very sleepy. They agreed to give her IV fluids and she got about 2 hours worth. They also said that if she didn't improve significantly, they would have IV fluids brought to the house with a pump (we've done this before). She did get her Velcade but we had to put off the flu shot yet another day. We also got the prescription for the valproic acid BUT she threw up on the way home so Roger didn't get a chance to fill the Rx. She went home and got Zofran and went almost straight to bed (again). She was asleep by 5:30 PM. She slept the whole night. Now she is up and at least drinking a little (she has to drink a few sips before I will let her watch more video). Roger also got her some pedia-lax. Not as strong as the lactulose but with the lactulose she has to drink a LOT and with this she just has to keep some fluids going. I am hoping that if/when she poops she will feel much better. She already seems to have a bit more energy today but she's also still in bed and just watching videos. I am debating whether to take her to PT this afternoon. Going to kind of play it by ear.Aside from that, Roger and I just keep staying busy with work and our other endeavors. We have a busy weekend ahead with RNR events galore! Also, have you looked at the ticker lately? We've surpassed 160K!! Wow! That's an average of 17K hits per MONTH or almost 600 hits per DAY! Y'all are a devoted group of fans. I have said it before but it is worth repeating: Thank you to everyone who has given us their support these past months. Whether you have made us a meal, provided monetary or gift card donations, given gifts for Charlotte, covered shifts at RNR, organized fundraisers, sent a card, gave a hug, or just prayed for us and our little girl, we appreciate your support. Roger and I hear a lot about how "strong and amazing" we are. We definitely appreciate the praise and I have to admit that I'm kind of amazed myself...but NONE of our strength would be possible if we weren't bolstered by the incredible support that you provide. Even if we don't take you up on something you have offered, please know that just the fact that you OFFER to help lets us know that we have a soft place to fall if we need to. That makes the whole process just a bit easier. With that, I will close and ready myself for a busy Friday and even busier weekend. Happy Fall Y'all!

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