Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So here's the latest:The word of the day/week is TIRED.

So here's the latest:The word of the day/week is TIRED.Charlotte woke up Sunday morning with kind of a low-grade fever. She never went above 100 but she was very tired and spent most of the day being a couch potato. We let her rest and scrapped plans to go to the field hockey game. She just enjoyed her last full day with Granny.Meanwhile, Roger and I did check in on the Ladies Field Hockey team. We got there with about 15 minutes to go in the game and watched them beat Wooster 2-1!! That's three wins in a row! Then we headed off to a wedding.Monday was B-U-S-Y. I had a dentist appointment. We shuttled from there to the clinic where we waited. And waited. And waited. What was supposed to be a 10:45 appointment had us going in to get vitals at 12:15!!! Apparently the clinic was overbooked (go figure) so they were running behind (an understatement). I let them know in my (hopefully) nice but forceful way that we had an OT appointment at 2 PM and we would need to leave by 1:30 if we were going to make it on time. This was right before 1 PM. Fortunately, her Velcade had been ordered and was ready so after a cursory update with the NP, we decided to forgo the flu shot until Thursday, give the Velcade, and then she was going to have to call me about the Valproic Acid. Because apparently even though it has been on her protocol since we got back from MD Anderson AND we were in the clinic last week for a visit to check on anything, they waited until MONDAY to try to verify the dosage and treatment protocol. At least she got the Velcade. SighThe Velcade pretty much wiped her out. We did manage to get to OT on time and she worked really hard but she barely lasted the 45 minute session. Then we took Granny to the airport and headed home. She was asleep before 9 PM (early for her) and slept till after NOON today. It's a little after 5 PM and she is back in bed. Not asleep but she wanted to get in bed and watch movies. In the little time she was "up and about" today, she and Roger went to the grocery store and then I met up with them at Ashwood Gardens to get our annual pumpkin collection. As many of you know, Roger is our resident pumpkin artist and always comes up with some creative creations. I have some ideas for him so we will see what happens this year...Oh! More big news on the fundraising front: My good friend Amy held a yard sale for Charlotte at her home (Cincinnati) last weekend and raised about $2000 for us!! I was so excited when she called to tell us. Thanks so much, Amy! (and friends). That is about 3 months of OT/PT!Also, discussion is moving on the nonprofit/foundation front. As usual, we put the word out on CB and our network gets rolling. We are hoping to have something in the works before the end of the year. That's all I have for now. Time to go fix some dinner...Rachel

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