Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Charlotte's energy is better but still not great.

Again, we apologize for the delay in posts but there hasn't been too much to say over the last few days. Charlotte's energy is better but still not great. She gets tired very easily. 45 minutes of OT on Monday pretty much wore her out. She loves to very dramatically wipe her hand across her forehead and say "Whew! I'm TIIII-RRED!" (What a drama queen!). The shakiness in her arms and legs still seems to be present and may actually be a little worse. Her OT and I discussed it on Monday and she has a few ideas for therapy so we'll see what happens. Based on my research, seems that Valproic Acid can cause tremors too so don't know if that's related. She has been having a great time with Granny and Gramps. Granny has become the Resident Reader, keeping Charlotte engaged with book after book. Anybody remember the Sweet Pickles series? Well, my mom had bought these books for me and my brother when we were young and loved them. She had given them away a long time ago but recently found a FULL set on ebay or amazon or something and ordered them for Charlotte for her birthday. Charlotte LOVES them. Granny reads them over and over again, interspersing library books and other stories along the way. I LOVE the fact that my child loves books. Some kids sleep with stuffed animals. My kid falls asleep with piles of books in her bed. It warms my heart, I tell you!Her appetite is good and regularity is not an issue. Hooray. Scanxiety is in full effect. It's just there. Can't be helped. The countdown begins (less than two weeks). I keep trying to push it aside. Can't do much about it till we're there. But it's definitely hard to NOT think about it. It's only Tuesday and it's already been a fun week at romp n' roll. Winter registration has started (have you registered for YOUR winter class yet?) and we have been having fun with our Halloween costumes. Today, i was Super Grover. Yesterday, Roger was Count Refula and today he was a Pirate (someone called him the Jolly Roger...CUTE!). We are so grateful to my parents for their presence here. They are taking care of all things domestic for us including having meals ready, trimming the garden, raking leaves, and cleaning the house. Not to mention caring for Charlotte so that we can focus our efforts on the business when needed. We will miss them when they go...I guess that's all I have to say for now. As you can tell by the time of the post, I'm having a bit of trouble sleeping but at least I'm being productive in giving you an update. Off to bed...

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