Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thanks to everyone who braved the rain and wind for the ReeseStrong 5K yesterday.

Thanks to everyone who braved the rain and wind for the ReeseStrong 5K yesterday. I got there at the height of the rain and there were some great troopers out there. Big thanks to all the volunteers, organizers, and participants who made such a fun event happen.Roger has posted many pics on his Facebook site with the little princess. She and Reese hung out in the truck for most of the race after doing their obligatory princess waves and grand marshal duties. She went home to eat...and eat...and eat. I even made a late night (ok it was only 7 pm, but still...) run to Chick-Fil-A because the princess wanted chicken nuggets!She was in bed by about 8:30 and Roger and I were able to settle in and spend an evening together with a movie. Yay.She was awake, however, at 5:30 this morning!!! I got up with her and she watched tv downstairs for a while. I did get her some breakfast but she didn't eat anything. About 8 AM, she vomited. Yikes! We had every intention of taking her to church today but those plans got scrapped. No fever so we cleaned her up (good excuse to do some laundry) and my mom stayed home with her so I could go to church. Roger, of course, is off at Romp n' Roll doing his "thing".She fell asleep again around 9 and slept for most of the morning. Since I got home from church she's been eating some light stuff (cereal and crackers) and being kind of lazy. I'm hoping maybe she just over-did it the last few days.So my latest task today is to decrease the ENTROPY in the house. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it's a science term referring to chaos in a system. With props to my high school science teacher (Hooray, Mary Frances Aumiller!), the forces of ENERGY and ENTROPY are inversely proportional. As Mrs. Aumiller used to explain via a wonderful analogy, if you are busy and working and getting things done (increased ENERGY) there is usually less chaos and mess (decreased ENTROPY) but if you sit around on the couch all day or ignore your daily tasks and chores (decreased ENERGY), trash and clutter accumulates resulting in mass chaos (increased ENTROPY). So that is your chemistry lesson for the week. My house is MASS ENTROPY at the moment. Not dirty but cluttered and chaotic. When we don't have the energy (or time) to put things in their rightful place, chaos ensues. I must increase my energy to decrease the I go.

Great day yesterday! We went to the field hockey game and saw the seniors honored (Yay, Walker and everyone!). They scored two goals early and seemed to have things well in hand so we left before the bad weather could really move in. Charlotte was as sociable as she'd been in a couple weeks. I got a few very good pics of her. Some are on my Facebook page already. More coming. The Lady-Jackets won 4-1!I really hope we can get together with the team again soon for a function of some kind. I think we should have a big party with the women's basketball team which has adopted Reese (we keep doing together and that's cool!Speaking of that, the Reesestrong 5k was wet but successful! We had lots of fun and even though the rain came down in buckets. Charlotte and Reese had their throne in the back of the pickup truck before the rain came and everyone had to come by and take pics and say hi. It was great and Charlotte did wonderfully. I think the fact that people were far enough away that they couldn’t get too much in her face helped keep her sociable.
The rain moved in and we moved Reese and Charlotte into the back seat of the truck where they remained for the rest of the event.
The Lollipop Kids Run had to be run in two waves and there were some great costumes! My personal favorites were the Cub Scout costumes until someone told me they were actual Cub Scouts! Imagine that! J
The adults lined up next and after a rendition of the National Anthem with a questionable lyric or two, the countdown was on. I left the Princesses in good hands (Reeses Daddy and Meredith among others) and zipped down to the starting line. I didn’t really decide to run until that morning and of course everything depended ion Charlotte who was actually happy as a clam hanging with Reese, eating pizza and other goodies. It’s almost as satisfying to see Reese come back into her own personality as it is to see the same in Charlotte. Reese is back to being perky, precocious, and calling me “really silly!” LOVE IT!
So I ran with the rest. My costume was the Romp n’ Roll referee shirt combined with a black cape that we have and I called myself “Count Ref-ula.” It was cute until the wind and rain came. The clothing got soaked and heavy and the wind pulled at the cape making me remember what Edna said in The Incredibles, “NO CAPES!”
Rachel came down from her conference in DC and made it before the end of the race. She has been at the finish of many of my races and it’s always nice when that happens.
What’s amazing about the run/walk is how many people were there and finished the race even with the rain. It was also great to see all the people who came out to support the runners, to volunteer and all that. Big “hats off” to the Mudds and everyone who put the event together. Can’t wait to see how big it gets next year!
The only downer to the weekend so far is that Charlotte was sick to her stomach this morning. It’s a little concerning but we think it’s most probably the barge-load of food she’s been eating the last few days. I’m at Birthday Bashes today and the last call I had was that she was sleeping.
For our Houston network, there is a friend of ours, Vincent Tickle, is in Houston now getting treatment so I’d appreciate if you’d reach out the his family to see if they need any help. Here’s his CB site:
Thanks everyone.

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