Saturday, October 31, 2009

Granny's episode, Kolbey's Birthday

Charlotte has been doing very well. Still eating like a horse and increasing her energy slowly but surely. The tremors continue but that's to be expected.The problem child now is Rachel's Mother. She had what everyone thought was an asthma attack at about 9pm last night and got to ride in an ambulance to the hospital. The real fun began when none of her treatments were effective including inhalers, prednesone, albuterol (all spellings are subject to change), deep massage, boots to the head, nothing worked. Then when the ambulance arrived, they put the mask on her and carted her out the door.I guess they tried to intebate her (put a breathing tube down her throat) in the ambulance before they left but were unsuccessful.When they got to the hospital, they did labs and an EKG and saw something they didn't like so they decided to keep her overnight (much to Granny's chagrin). They ran more tests and decided to do a heart catheterization but found no blockages. Rachel said Granny was having a spasm that should resolve over time but they were going to keep her one more night just in case.
On top of that, yesterday was Uncle Kolbey’s Birthday. At least it was memorable.
Rachel stayed at the hospital for most of the night and I taught her Saturday morning classes (great classes by the way!). We’re still on for all the Halloween festivities this afternoon but I don’t think we’ll make it to the R-MC Field Hockey playoff game at 1pm. Sorry ladies.
More updates as they come.

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