Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Richmond Mommies hosted a Bake Sale over at the West End Ukrops yesterday.

AMAZING!!!Just to recap the events of the last few days:The Richmond Mommies hosted a Bake Sale over at the West End Ukrops yesterday. There were many wonderful women who baked tons of goodies and/or sold baked goods in the chilly rain for over three hours. They raised over $1000 (I think early estimate is about $1500). Thank you to everyone who helped with extra special thanks to Judy Read and Diane Murphy who were the main organizers. I also understand that the fundraiser at Ebenezer Lutheran in Florida (a church my parents are involved with) raised over $3500 yesterday for Charlotte. That is also amazing! This is on top of the yard sale my friend Amy held a few weeks ago in Ohio that raised about $2100 and the church bazaar at Lakeside Baptist that raised another $1500. I continue to be amazed by the generosity of people. It is so reassuring to know that at least as far as medical expenses go, we are doing ok and will not have to worry. At this point, our biggest medical expense is Charlotte's outpatient therapy bills and I am sure that the recent money raised will help cover this. In addition, once the new year comes, we will have a new (rather large) deductible to pay before insurance starts to cover her medical expenses again. In other news, Charlotte continues to sleep a LOT. She tried to go to the RMC Field Hockey game yesterday. She made an appearance right before the game started but was immediately tired so Roger took her home to sleep again. She did wake up later and they trekked down to RNR for our friend Matthew's birthday party. At the party, she ate at least 7 chicken nuggets (yay!) and ate a few cookies when we got home. I feel like her appetite is picking up a little bit. She was in bed early again last night. Then she woke up around 6 this morning and is now (at 8:30) back in bed. She just can't stay awake for very long. In other news, I am getting slightly more paranoid and just a little concerned about the H1N1 stuff. As I am sure many of you have heard, the flu outbreaks have reached epidemic levels. I heard yesterday on the news that there have already been twice as many child deaths from the flu as they normally have all year (and it's only October). I would normally not be a worrier over things like this but having a child with compromised immunity definitely makes me more concerned. PLEASE vaccinate yourself and your children. I got my first flu shot EVER this year (and have rarely had the flu). I don't think this is a year to take chances. PLEASE do everything you can to keep yourself healthy including eating well, getting plenty of rest, and supplementing your diet with vitamin C and zinc (it really does work!)PLEASE wash your hands rigorously and avoid touching your nose and mouthPLEASE stay home if you feel sick. Do not go to work or send your kids to school if they are sick. It's better to miss a day or two and play it safe than to go out in public and infect others. That is my health-wise PSA of the day...Rumor has it that Roger and I may get a date this afternoon/evening. We will see how the day goes

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