Monday, November 2, 2009

Good News and Other News...

The good news is my mom seems to be much better.  Thanks for all the well-wishes and notes/messages of concern.  The heart cath revealed no blockages but some spasming in her hear muscle.  They kept her overnight and doc cleared her for release today (she's on her way home now).  She will follow up with a specialist in Floriday (probably a cardiopulmonologist) and hopefully will be able to strategize ways to prevent these asthma attacks in the future.  I guess Virginia is just not a great state for those with both asthma AND allergies.  Many of you already know that.

Other good news: Charlotte was evaluated by Hanover County Preschool program on Friday.  They did the developmental eval.  A few more assessments still to be done before her official eligibility but I think they are seeing where her weaknesses and needs lie.  There's a very good chance that she will qualify for some services through the school district.  This will certainly help with the therapy as well as giving us some extra support to help us meet her needs and prepare her for Kindergarten. 

In other news, the parties at RNR were great yesterday and Charlotte even made an appearance as a beautiful fairy (pics posted soon).  I ran myself on 3 hours of sleep, caffeine, sugar, and adrenaline and CRASHED last night.  I think I was in bed before Charlotte.  She was up a few times in the night and decided at 4 AM that she was HUNGRY so I brought her cheerios and a little applesauce.  She did go back to sleep for a little while.  I've been nursing a headache all morning and still feel exhausted.  I almost feel like I'm hungover...but without the benefit of alcohol the night before.  Ha ha.  Charlotte's been eating like a champ all morning and even ate some peas.  YES!  She actually ate a green vegetable!

This weather is not helping my mood or energy level today.

To make matters worse, my SCANXIETY isn't getting any better.  The looming date is enough but Charlotte's tremors seem to be worse (don't know if that is medication related) and today she began to complain of her head hurting.  In the back.  That's the first time she's complained of that in a long time.  I'm trying not to worry and know that we will have some answers by the end of the week but, well, it's a challenge.

I've got to take care of the little princess and get myself ready for a 4 PM party at RNR (happy b-day Sebastian!!)

More soon...

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