Monday, November 23, 2009


Charlotte was the epitome of a couch potato today. She was up early and ate and watched TV pretty much ALL DAY. The kid never seemed to get full. She ate a great variety of foods, including almost a whole carton of strawberries (thanks Meredith), some peas, cheerios, and macaroni and cheese ravioli (a new favorite). She watched a LOT of TV and every time we would try to divert her attention, it pretty much went back to TV. Oh well. We all have those days.

Roger went to emcee the Ashland Parade and then came home just in time for us to head out to Short Pump mall. Charlotte's Christmas Wish from the ASK folks was to do Build-A-Bear. We had never done it before. Ladies from an organization called TRI-girls (they train for triathalons) sponsored our family and paid for our experience as well as some other gifts that Santa will deliver personally soon for all of us (!!). They got the Build-a-Bear staff to stay open for us and allow us to have the store to ourselves as a way to both avoid germs and let CJ go at her own pace.

Well, she fell asleep on the way to Build-a-Bear so she was still rather sleepy when we went in. We had the gift certificates from ASK but we also had a few other gift certificates from previous gifts so the plan was to make 3 creatures: one for Charlotte, one for mommy, and one for daddy. We picked the creatures but she got to pick the outfits and we had Charlotte record her voice on a little chip that went into each of our personal creations.

Charlotte got a Frosty. We already had the scarf, broom, and boots thanks to another gift so we added a Harley Davidson leather jacket, HD shirt, and black jeans with hi-top sneakers (all her choice).

My creature was a fuzzy teddy bear and she chose a pink and purple fairy dress (with wings) and silver shoes.

Roger's creature was a monkey (since she's his monkey butt) with a Green Bay Packers jersey and helmet.

Ellen captured some great pictures as well.

She fell asleep midway through the process but the ladies at Build-a-Bear were so nice and accomodating. It was a great experience. Big thanks to Ellen Hart (an ASK volunteer who coordinated this for us and also took pictures tonight) and the TRI-girls.

We came home and I caught up on some emails. Charlotte's now awake (of course) and reading in bed with her Frosty. Roger's headed to bed too. Off to a busy week. I feel like I have a lot to do on the work and personal fronts before we leave town for two weeks! And a holiday weekend to boot!


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