Saturday, November 7, 2009


Our Friday afternoon/evening consisted of lots of family time.  We watched some movies and Charlotte went to bed fairly early.  Roger and I tried to sleep but it was pretty fitful.  Lots of tears.  We were both wide awake at 3 AM.  Heard Charlotte stirring.  She didn't seem to be in too much pain but she was whimpering.  Soon after, Roger went to pick her up and she was very stiff with her eyes wide open.  We are pretty sure she had a seizure.  The event only lasted about 45 seconds.  We called MCV emergency immediately and the neurosurgeon on call told us to go ahead and bring her to the ER. 

Once we got to the ER, she had another seizure that lasted about the same amount of time.  They drew lots of labs and we saw the Pediatric Neurosurgery Resident.  He was up to speed with all the recent events and recommended another CT.

Now we are up on 7 East (Home Sweet Home....oh how we've missed it).  She has been resting comfortably and they have let her eat soft things (applesauce, etc.) just in case she has to go in for surgery soon.  We are just waiting to hear the final decision from Neurosurgery.

Thank you to everyone for your wishes, prayers, and words of comfort.  Although we are not communicating much with everyone directly, we are feeling the love. 

I mentioned this on Facebook earlier, but if anyone in the Daytona Beach area is available, it would be great for you to reach out to my parents.  I think my Aunts (mom's sisters) are trying to get there from S. Florida soon but I know they would appreciate the support.  I'm not sure what they need right now.

To the rest of our family: thanks for the calls and words of comfort.  We know you are grieving too and frustrated by the distance between us.  We love you!

The original plan for the weekend was that Roger had a Southern Horizon gig up in Warrenton tonight and Charlotte and I were going to tag along...just so we could all be together.  Obviously, these plans have been scrapped.  Sigh. 

That's all for now.  We are in 718 at MCV.  Healthy adult visitors are welcome.  More news as we have it. 

Rachel, Roger, and Charlotte

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