Thursday, November 19, 2009

Make-A-Wish for Charlotte


Just got off the phone with the Exec. Director of Richmond Make-A-Wish and they are going to make our wish happen (the way we want it to). 

We will be flying to Orlando/Disney on December 1st.  We will stay at Give Kids the World (at Disney) and tour the parks until about the 7th.  Then we will head over to the Daytona Beach area and will stay with my family until about the 14th/15th.  Make a Wish will get back to me soon with final details on flight times, etc. 

Our current plan is to spend the first week at the parks.  Many of you have asked: if you are a Floridian and have Disney passes or want to join us somehow, you are welcome.  We will try to solidify our itinerary (which parks on which days, etc.) closer to the time.  All subject to change, of course, depending on the Princess's wishes.  The second week will mainly be in Daytona.  Itinerary to follow...

We have also had many volunteers for "paparazzi" to follow us and document the trip with photos.  Beth (our Mary Poppins photog) is planning to come for the first part of the trip and we should know soon when she will need to leave.  I may call on a few of you other volunteers to help us fill out the experience. 

Our airfare, rental car, lodging, and much of our food, etc. is COVERED.  Between individual donations and the Make A Wish funding, we should be set.  I am so excited! 

Disney, here we come!

-Rachel (Charlotte's Mom)

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  1. Ohh, how WONDERFUL this trip is going to be.

    We were at Disney the exact same week last year and it was PERFECT!!!!! Depending on your preference, just know that Magic Kingdom will be CRAZY busy on Friday December 4th and Saturday December 5th as they are "taping" the parade that airs on T.V. Christmas Day. The one with Regis and Kelly. It is really a neat thing to experience (different cheering groups, bands, performers, etc), but LOOOONG (as they tape in segments). From what I remember, most of the performers/signers were "taped" on Friday and Saturday was the bands, cheering groups, etc.

    Also, if you have the time, I would HIGHLY recommend Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. It is held on various nights at Magic Kingdom and you have to have a separate hard ticket for the event (usually around $60), but you can enter Magic Kingdom as early as 4:00 p.m. (even though the party is scheduled from 7-midnight). They only sell a limited number of tickets and the crowds are not quite as large. They have LOADS of character meet and greets, dance-a-longs, free hot cocoa and cookies and a SPECIAL Christmas Parade.

    Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing trip.



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