Thursday, November 5, 2009


Well, I'll start with the good news because that is the easiest.  We received a check last night from the ReeseStrong Foundation for our share of the 5K race and lollipop run.  We got a big-ol-honkin' check for $6300!!! Wow! We were just amazed!  Reese's family got a check for the same amount.  We are so grateful for everyone in the community who helped with this effort, including the sponsors, families that participated, and most especially to Randy and Kristin Mudd as they were the primary energy and force behind this effort.  Big thanks to everyone who played a role.  There will be an article in the Mechanicsville Local with a picture of us receving our checks.  Now I just have to find a giant ATM where I can cash it (ha ha).

In other news, the CJ's Thumbs Up Foundation momentum is picking up.  We have a small advisory committee formed that will be meeting in the next few weeks.  We are also working on a logo, website, and other official "stuff".  If you are on Facebook, you can become a FAN of CJ's Thumbs Up Foundation.  More news to come soon.

My parents made it safely back to Florida and my mom is following up with her doctor today.  She seems to be doing fine since her hospital stay so hopefully that will be something I don't have to worry about.

The last few days, Charlotte has been continuing to have difficulty with movement and mobility.  She has been sore at night, sometimes waking up in the middle of the night telling us her head/legs/arms/ something hurts.  Ibuprofen seems to help her go back to sleep.  Roger took her to the doctor today for her Velcade.  The doctor said her valproic acid levels are actually fine so it's not the medication that is causing these symptoms.  She's also having some kind of pressure/fluid behind her eyes causing some strange eye movements.  They prescribed a steroid to help reduce swelling.  There's not much more we can do before tomorrow but here we are again.  MY HEART HURTS.  If I thought I had SCANXIETY, is it pounding away at me now.  Yes, I am fearing the worst.  I am still hoping for the best but it is turning out to be very difficult right now.

Please direct your energy towards whatever positive vibes you can muster for Charlotte.  We need prayers and good thoughts in the worst way right now.  I am actually heading out to a get-together with some friends that has been planned for a few weeks.  Boy, do I need it! 

I apologize in advance for any distracted behavior or anything that doesn't get done in the next week.  I just can't do it.

On that note, we DO need a babysitter on Sunday, probably from around 8:30/9 until the early afternoon.  Roger has a gig in the VA Beach area (overnight Saturday-Sunday) and I need to teach and help with parties at RNR.  If anyone can help, please contact me directly via email. 


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