Monday, November 2, 2009

Turning Out to be a Busy Week

Roger took Charlotte to the clinic this morning.  In true clinic form, everything was running late.  They had to draw her labs and check her numbers before they could administer the Velcade.  I guess adding to that the "normal" Monday delays and Roger didn't leave the clinic until after noon (it was an 8:45 appointment).  We did a quick changeover at RNR, grabbed some lunch at home, and then zipped off to the WE for OT. 

Charlotte's tremors are continuing and today she had a lot of trouble just walking.  She would start walking, take a few steps, and just stop.  I mentioned to her OT that we hypothesized the valproic acid was worsening the tremors and I said, "You know, she almost reminds me of someone with Parkinsons in terms of her motor planning issues."  Sure enough, when we looked up the side effects of valproic acid, one is Parkinsonian-type motor planning problems.  The clinic drew some additional labs to measure the level of valproic acid in her system and determine whether they need to adjust the dosage.  Between that and the velcade, she is T-I-R-E-D!!  She's kind of a zombie this afternoon although she did make it through OT with a LOT of prompting.

Granny and Gramps head back home to Florida tomorrow.  Thanks again to everyone for recent meals that have been delivered.  We should be good for at least a week or so. 

Not much else to report.  I have a much-needed and long overdue appointment with Dr. Bitsko tomorrow.  Charlotte has a PT appointment in the afternoon (that should be fun...) and we have the regular RNR busy-ness.  Wednesday afternoon we are slated to receive the check from the ReeseStrong Foundation for the race.  Friday is MRI day.  Dun-Dun--DUN!!!

That is all. 

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