Saturday, November 21, 2009

Up and Down

It's been an up and down day for me emotionally. It hits me at the strangest times.  I'm ok for a while and then BAM!

Disney Live was FANTASTIC.  Charlotte dressed up as Ariel/The Little Mermaid.  She got her picture taken with Wyatt and the Mickey/Minnie cutouts.  I guess it's like their Senior Prom pics.  :-)
The kids had a great time and even the grown ups did too. 

From there, we scooted home and made a quick turnaround to head up to Fredericksburg.  Our friend (and UM Alum) Jan drove so we didn't have to.  The church service was very nice.  Quiet, contemplative, and simple.  (Compline always is).  Doug played the piano in his jazzy style (as usual) and the reception afterwards was great.  The church was decorated with pink and purple balloons.  Rev. Kent wore his purple vestments, and most everyone who came wore pink and/or purple. 

There were many "old friends" in attendance and it was very nice to see both Trinity family and some former co-workers from Stafford County.  Charlotte held up through the entire thing, eating cookies and letting folks read to her and talk to her in the fellowship hall.

We got home.  Charlotte had a little nap in the car and now she is reading (surprise??).  I'm just relaxing and Roger is up at his UVJQ gig. 

It's been a good day.  Thanks again to the volunteers at Trinity who made this event possible and especially to Kent for helping to bring it all together.
- Rachel

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  1. The bears are awesome! Great job! I love "Frosty" Also like the blog!


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