Monday, May 25, 2009

Good Couple of Days

It's been a busy, productive and all around good couple of days.

The return trip home was easy and breezy. Another Houston Ground Angel (his name was Ty) shuttled us to the airport. He had his own interesting story and was quite the conversationalist on the quick trip to the airport.

Charlotte continued to get SO much attention during and after the flights. We had one good samaritan trade seats with us when we realized that our seats on the Atlanta-Richmond flight were not together. The flight attendants (yet again) spoiled her with cookies and other goodies. It was also interesting that since she was wearing her minnie mouse hat and carrying Mickey, everyone from the Atlanta flight and in the Richmond airport thought we were coming straight from Disney World....not yet....not yet...

We pretty much collapsed Saturday night and then actually made it to church on Sunday. It was so good to see our friends and Charlotte had a great time in the nursery (as usual). The rest of our day was spent working on domestic stuff. Roger and Charlotte took a shopping trip to Kohl's where they got some great deals on new running shoes for Roger and a few spring/summer outfits for the princess. She should be well outfitted for summer now, I think.

I stayed at home and proceeded to tackle the house room by room. It had become quite the disaster area recently with all the coming and going and none of the "domesticity" that we used to enjoy. Finally, two trash bags , two loads of laundry, lots of recycling, and a whole pile for the Goodwill store later, we have some restored order in the house.

To add to it, we are doing a bit of upgrading in the living room. Our friend Meredith came over last week and gave some advice on rearranging some furniniture to better suit our growing little girl. The table is on backorder, but once it arrives we will have a new workspace for her art projects as well as some storage ideas for the wall. Thanks for the advice, Meredith! If you ever need design advice, you must give her a call. She is practical and stylish all at the same time!

While giving shout-outs to Meredith, I must also thank her husband Mitch and the other folks who helped move our new piano. My other dear friend Katherine gave us a lovely upright piano. It is currently at Kolbey's house and I'm sure will be a treasured tool for our home. We have had an electronic piano since we got married so this is our first "real" piano. Can't wait till Charlotte gets to try some piano lessons!

At the moment, Charlotte is at a playdate with her Montessori friends.

All seems set for Charlotte's surgery first thing Wednesday morning. We will also be conferring with her physicians regarding the consultation we received in Houston. Roger's dad and Juanita should be here sometime tomorrow.

Many have asked if we need anything in the upcoming few days/weeks/months. We will be sure to update you if there are any tangible needs. I have a feeling that most domestic stuff will be covered by the near constant lineup of family and friends who plan to be here in the coming weeks. We are also VERY set in the toy, book, sticker, stuffed animal department. Your generosity over the past few months have left us wanting for NOTHING so please resist the urge to buy the princess any gifts. (I know how tempting it is...she is such a cutie). I will certainly be taking some of her favorite comfort items and activities to the hospital during her recovery and I think she will be set. I hope that this request does not make me sound ungrateful. We are MORE than thankful for all the gifts which have come our way. I just want everyone to know that right now, your prayers and postive vibes are probably the most important gift that you can send our way.

We are at a point where the freezer is less than half-full so if someone feels the need to make us a meal (especially one that is freeze-able), we will happily accept. We are not in desperate need but I know that sometimes folks find it an easy way to help out. It sure does come in handy when we are trying to keep everything together. We just had a tortilla bake last night that was YUMMY (thanks Miss Parker!). Headed over to Granny Dot's for dinner tonight as well.

I guess that's all for now. Hope everyone has enjoyed their long weekend.


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