Friday, May 29, 2009

MRI Results and Update

I know everyone is anxiously awaiting MRI results. So are we. Since it may be a while (I think Dr. Tye is in clinic so we might have to wait till this afternoon for results) I thought I would just satiate everyone with a mini-update.

Charlotte slept till 4 AM (that's 15 hours for anyone keeping track). They even tried to arouse her at midnight so she could eat something before she became NPO but she could not be budged.

She was entertained by Caillou and Frosty till her MRI at 7. They took her down and she came back at about 10 or so. Dr. Tye did check in with us about 9:30 but he said the scans weren't quite ready so I'm guessing he had to go back to clinic.

She came back pretty out of it from the anesthesia but she's been gradually coming back to arousal. She's had some milk and apple juice and a few cookies. We tried to get her interested in coloring but she seems only interested in the Wonder Pets right now.

Her tongue is still hanging out of her mouth. You can kind of understand her when she talks and she can sometimes put it in her mouth on command and talk normally but she still seems to have some motor difficulty holding over from the surgery. The general consensus is that it is a tardive dyskinesia resulting from a combination of meds, swelling, and the very act of the surgery. Everyone is expecting she should be better as time goes on. All of her other levels (blood counts, CBC, etc.) look great and hear drain is looking good too.

So that's all I have to report. I will let you know when I have more news.


First of all, I will direct your attention to the Caring Bridge thermometer at the right. Please notice that Charlotte's name has been un-bolded and only her first name is being used. Thanks to all of you who complained about their misleading fundraising tactics. It looks like although we did not get rid of the thermometer entirely, it was made "less misleading". For now, we will stay with Caring Bridge (happily) and much thanks to those of you who HAVE supported this website. We admit that it is a great service and has benefited us greatly these past few months.

Now on to the real news:

Charlotte is finally resting again and everything is looking great. Her ventric is draining nicely and very clear. Her speech is becoming slightly more clear and the tongue protrusion seems to be dissapating. Yay.

The MRI looks really good. NO cancer cells visible in the spine and I would say that more than half of what was left in the brain (maybe even close to 75-80% is gone. There is still a few spots including a section on the brainstem that he couldn't get from the angle of surgery that he took but it leaves a good amount for radiation to "throw the book at" (as Dr. Tye put it).

So now we just let her heal and will start the consultation process with oncology, radiation oncology, and the good folks in Houston for the next steps. More wait and see as far as options go but we are at least done with this milestone. Dr. Tye thinks the ventric might be able to come out by Sunday which means that if all goes well and she remains stable, we may get to go home sometime next week. All good news.

That's all I have to report for now.


Update from Roger:
Let me also add that I am satisfied with the adjustment of the thermometer. It is consistent across Caringbridge so now would be the time to donate to CB if you were holding off. Let them know how powerful we are!

Also, I really need to let you know about a very impressive young man we met in the MRI room before CJ's surgery. I already mentioned him before but left out names so the suits wouldn't get mad at me. But now I'm very happy to announce he has just started a CB site and everyone should visit and sign the guestbook.

His name is Nile Price (I spelled it correctly. No "s" on the end of "Nile.") Here's his site:

He's one of those kids you just naturally pull for. (I think his mother deserves just a little credit! :-)

Gotta go relieve Rachel. We're going on a date tomorrow! Gonna go see "Up!"

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