Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a Good Day!

What a good day! While I'm still not over feeling exhausted all the time, at least I'm not a bundle of nerves and anxiety over the unknown. that helps a lot.

Charlotte had a great day with visits from Wyatt and Heather, walks around the neighborhood, lots of exercising, and lots of eating.

We have a plan and an itinerary. We will be flying on Air Tran out to Houston on May 21st and returning on May 23rd. Our meeting at the clinic is on May 22nd. Thanks to our wonderful network of resources, we have learned about shuttles from the airport to the hotels/hospital area (hence no need for a rental car) as well as some good hotel accomodations for our stay.

Also, thanks to our wonderful staff at Romp n' Roll (as well as help from a few of the other Romp n' Rollers in the Richmond area), I think we've just about got coverage at the store covered while we are away.

We are still planning on surgery on the 27th. My mom leaves tomorrow to go back to Florida (bye Granny!). Roger's dad (Grandpa) and Juanita Bonita will be back her on the 26th in preparation for her surgery and we're getting some other "ducks in a row" for the weeks to come.

It's nice when the stars seem to align.

On a not so good note, it looks like the insurance appeals are not going to go as hoped. After our second appeal letter, Humana continues to maintain that we are well within our rights to choose MCV and they are well within THEIR rights to charge us an out-of-network rate for choosing MCV. End of story. The short answer is that I will follow up with our rep from the insurance commission and possibly make one final appeal through our delegate representative who has been following the case to see if he has any "pull" but I think the 8-ball is telling us "all signs point to NO".

Thank goodness to those of you who have led the charge on those fundraisers because we are gonna need them!!

Speaking of which, it looks like the Glen Allen Golf event has been rescheduled for next Wednesday (May 20th) from 7-10 PM. Mini-golf, batting cages, and driving range. Pray for sunshine and come out to see us off to Houston!

We also have the shopping events this weekend. Saturday 5/16: Five-Below (at VCC). You need to bring a flyer. We have LOTS of flyers at Romp n' Roll. 10% goes to Charlotte so stock up on your summer pool noodles, bouncy balls, and other un-necessary junk....

THEN Sunday 5/17 at Everything But Water (bathing suits, etc.) in the Short Pump Mall. I don't know if you need a flyer of some kind for this but 10-15% should go to Charlotte and I understand that there will be a chick-fil-a wheel with prizes and opportunities to help there as well (with food???). Thanks to Torrie for arranging this.

It looks like we will be getting back into town after the Brain Tumor Awareness concert at Ashland Coffee and Tea (featuring Susan Greenbaum and Cheryl Fare). I am SO sorry that we will miss this because I know it will be great. Please come out and support the event for us! There will be a 50/50 raffle for Charlotte and a chance to hear some great music.

That is all I have to say for now. Rumor has it Charlotte will be making an appearance at a Princess class tomorrow. And I get to watch the season finale of LOST tomorrow night. And did I mention that I get my new iphone tomorrow? Should be a good day....Signing off...


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