Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kudos Time

Another lazy rainy morning. Rachel went to "Movies and Mimosas" with some mommy friends and Charlotte and I just hung around the house snacking, reading, watching Wonderpets. etc...

Rachel is home now and pestering me needlessly.

Rachel wanted me to let you all know how needlessly I'm suffering.

So anyway, kudos time!!!

Chris from Hill Electric came in and volunteered his time to change the very high florescent lights in the gym since we don't have a ladder high enough. There's so much more light in the gym, we don't even need the big buzzy round lights. Big thanks to him.

Today, we told Charlotte that we are going on a trip this week to go see some doctors in Houston. She asked, "Houston, Texas?" She doesn't miss a beat.

Events coming up:
May 20th - Glen Allen Golf Fun-raiser (Rescheduled from earlier) on Wed, 7-10pm
FACES meeting at Virginia Crossings Starting at 7pm (still need volunteers)
May 21-23 - Houston Trip! Probably get to see Uncle Tom.

I did something impulsive and left a message on Andrew Stanton's (yes, THE Andrew Stanton from Pixar) voicemail explaining her situation and asking if there was any way Charlotte could see the new movie "Up!" It comes out the 29th and her surgery is scheduled for the 27th so I just thought I'd take a stab and see if we could work something out.

(Roger is going to stab Rachel in the head for editing without an invitation!)

Besides spelling corrections, she has nothing to add. :-)

That is all. You may go now.

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