Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Charlotte went in to surgery at 10:08am.

We woke up at about 4:30am and got to the hospital before 6:00. The valet parking didn't open until 6:00 so we had to wait. In that time I could have parked in the garage, got validated parking, and been upstairs getting ready for the big day. But then I heard the road construction made it very difficult to manuver so it looks like we went the proper route after all.

As we got all ready for the MRI, Charlotte started getting antsy so we watched Caillou videos on the iPhone. Paid for itself several times over as far as I'm concerned.

When we went down to the MRI room, we weren't there long before the anesthesiolgist (woah! There's a $10 word!) showed up to administer the happy juice. At first she didn't want to let them at her central line so I distracted her with pics on the phone (more added value) while they hooked her up. In about 30 seconds, she got this very silly grin on her face and thought everything was extremely amusing!

Then they picked her up, took her in to the MRI room and she was gone. It all happened so fast I didn't get to give her a kiss but it was ok. Rompy, Mickey, and the hand-made pink and purple blanket (I can't remember who made it for her off the top of my head) are with her. Dug the Up! dog waits patiently with us here in the [SQUIRREL!!] 7th floor lounge.

By the way, CJ was very happy to tell everyone that she has TWO dogs now!

So after they took CJ, I found myself without a lot of direction since they sort of mentioned where I should go to wait only in passing and I was a little distracted. So I hung out there for a little while and talked to a young man and his mother waiting for an MRI. Very nice with the "Yes sir" and the "No, sir" and all that. Even with the tiff we're having with Caringbridge, I told them about CB and Turns out he is one of triplet boys and has a younger sister in Romp n' Roll's age range. So of course I gave mom my card. (Always workin' it)

So I eventually made my way down to the ground floor waiting room, got a bite to eat and settled in to wait. I promptly fell asleep. My buzzing phone woke me up - Auntie 'Retta was calling trying to find me. Ends up She, Grandpa, and Juanita Bonita were looking for me all over. They were just a floor above in the 1st floor waiting room.

I'm spoiled with the 7th floor so the other waiting rooms just wouldn't do. I pulled Loretta up with me and started the sign-in process early. I got the sign-in sheet filled out and saw plenty of folks who remember Charlotte including Heather from Child Life. They seem to be all ready for us.

CJ will be in room 614 of the PICU which means for now, kids can't visit and we have to space out the number of adults but after a day or so, we certainly want people to stop by. It can do nothing but good for her.

So now we're camped out, waiting for word. They are supposed to call anytime now with an update.

"Charlotte's Devon" is headed over to have lunch with us and Dean from Glen Allen Golf just called to let us know the total from the fun-raiser was $140! Thanks to all who came out.

Just heard from Nurse Janice in the OR. Charlotte is still in surgery and things are going as expected. If she's still in surgery at 2:00 they'll call with another update.

More details as they come up.

Latest update:

They were finishing up and might be done within a half an hour. Charlotte has been stable the entire time and everything looks good so far.

I don't think I'll be making it to Romp n' Roll this afternoon. Anyone in my Wednesday classes will be in the very capable hands of Miss Samantha. (She's been doing so well covering my classes lately, I think I might be losing some of my kiddies to her classes!)

Thanks to Devon for a very tasty lunch.

Stay tuned...

She is out of surgery and looking GREAT!
She is still a little loopy from the anesthesia but that's mostly making her act very funny more than anything else. She is gradually getting tubes, a-lines, ivs, etc. taken out. She is talking and moving all her limbs. Looks a little pale and will probably have a small transfusion but overall we can't complain.

Dr. Tye thinks he got a LOT of tumor. No word on percentage but he is reasonably confident that he got a very large amount. He said the pathway was really clear and he was able to get quite a bit. She will probably have an MRI tomorrow or Friday and they are going to aim for both head and spine to get a full picture.

Her tumor samples have been sent off to the MCV lab as well as a lot that will be going to Houston by Friday.

We have a nice room in the PICU...actually one of the ones we had last time with lots of space and a great, sunny view of the capitol and the governor's mansion.

I think that's all we have to report for now.

Thanks for all the prayers and support.

Rachel and Roger

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