Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Roller Coaster Days

Did I mention we have nothing to do with the thermometer over there? OK, just checking.

These roller coaster days have to stop.

It's been up and down all day and I'm not one for that kind of emotional drama.

The bad: Our cat, Noah, must have gotten into a fight before we left and we didn't notice because when we got back, he had a big ole' ugly abcess on top of his head. I treated it with a little hydrogen peroxide and tried to keep it clean but he's a cat. You try holding him still. It was rather humorous to see him try to figure out where all that bubbling noise was coming from.

The good: Charlotte and I got to take Noah into the vet this morning on very shot notice (thanks Ashland Vet. Hospital) and while they cleaned his wound and set him up with some antibiotics, Charlotte was charming the people in the lobby. We met up with Dr. Beth Gill from Randolph-Macon College and her doggie, Frodo. It was nice to see her in civillian circumstances!

The bad: it took a long time to get all that done so we didn't have much time for lunch. I just popped us into Ashland Breakfast and Lunch and got CJ a grilled cheese sandwich and extra pickles. Chocolate milk of course.

The good: The food came quickly as did $30 more from Renee who has been selling bracelets/taking donations there for us. I think she also gave me another $40-$50 last time I was in.

The bad: We headed down south for Charlotte's portrait sitting at Commonwealth Photography (arranged by ASK I believe) and the all-over-bodyache that has been creeping back in really jumped on me and I felt like I was going to lose it for the first time in many weeks.

The good (I think): Charlotte promptly snapped me out of it when she dropped her chocolate milk cup in the back of my car and I nearly lost it in a different way when I almost wrecked trying to catch it as I saw it fall out of the corner of my eye in the rear view mirror. (wow, long sentence)

The bad: almost got lost going to photo session

The good: We made it on time and Charlotte was the best girl in the world! The moment we walked in, she was talking up a storm to the woman who greeted us, giving hugs, and telling anyone who would listen how much she love pink and purple, and following nearly every instruction the photographer gave her. She was wearing a brand new pink dress we got this weekend on the daddy/CJ shopping spree and the pictures I saw were drop dead adorable! The photographer was a real pro.

The bad: I began feeling bad again on the way up. Fortunately, I bowed to "Puff, The Magic Obelisk" (some call it the "Big Cigarette") as I passed Phillip Morris and I amused myself for a bit with that.

Still bad: When I dropped CJ off with mom at Romp n' Roll, I could tell Rachel is more drained than I am. I must admit, as upbeat as I tend to be, right now I'm just physically and emotionally beat. Mommy and I are going to need a date real soon. Good thing Grandpa and Juanita Bonita are almost here.

Very good: I got home and saw a pile of packages. Two of them were from Pixar Studios! They had sent a poster of "Cars" with a bunch of signatures of the folks out there, a "Dug" doll from UP and two Dug books. I figured they couldn't do the movie for us but it was incredibly kind of them to send the other stuff. Now go see it!

More good: There have been a rash of birthday parties, both at Romp n' Roll and elsewhere, where the family has asked for donations to CJ's account in lieu of presents. You know who you are and we really want to thank all of you! One party this weekend alone raised over $350!

Even more good: Just got word, the Bonitas have landed!

My analogy for the week is that we are reaching the top of a very tall, very jagged mountain and the surgery tomorrow is the peak. After that, I have to believe it's all down hill; very bumpy, no kneepads or helmet, and big cliffs on either side, I know, but down hill nonetheless.

My baby girl has bounced back so strongly from everything thrown at her, there is no doubt in my mind she can do it again. I can only hope Mom and Dad will do the same. We plan to lean heavily on all of you, if only in spirit. Hope you don't mind.


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