Sunday, January 31, 2010

All I want For My Birthday Is...

Can ya guess?

Oh well.

This has actually been a pretty good birthday. The snow yesterday certainly didn't hurt. It's also great that Rebecca (My "Punkin") Connelly came into town for a visit. She's one of Rachel's very bestest friends from U of Miami (mine too actually) and we haven't seen her in quite a while. She flies out today.

We were kind of snowed in and we've had to cancel/reschedule Birthday Bashes all weekend but what can you do? The 6" or so they predicted turned into 14"+! I got down to the store yesterday before it got too bad but by the time I got home, the snow was at the bumper in our unplowed cul de sac. I made it all the way to the edge of our yard and then got stuck. While I was digging a place to park the car against the curb, I left the lights on and the battery dies! Dopey me.

Nothing a quick jump couldn't fix. AAA was working hard all night I'm sure! Also, hats off to all the plowers who gave up their weekend to clear our roads and parking lots.

We had fun digging out today and it was great to see the neighborhood helping each other out. Dr. Dan came up the road with chocolate chip cookies for my B-day. Three of us dug out Granny Dot's driveway. The guy across the street brought his 4-wheel drive truck over and gave us a few tire tracks in the driveway as a starting point for getting Rachel's car out. Gotta love a small town. (Hopefully it wasn't restricted to just small towns.)

Rachel and I wrestled a bit in the snow. She lost but in a helpful way in that when I threw her into the snow, it was in a place where we needed to pack it down. She also made a stellar snow angel for CJ.

We also got Kolbey's car out. It does surprisingly good in the snow. I even tried my best to get it stuck but it wouldn't let me.

A while back, I posted the lyrics to a song transcribed/arranged by Kerry Marsh and Julia Dollison. It's called "Radiance" and today I got a video/recording of the tune from them (and Julia's sister) for my birthday. Please get some tissues and think good thoughts about CJ: "Radiance"

Of course I thought about her all day. Mostly very good but I did have my moments. It's always worse at night. (Think I've said that before)

It was awful nice to get all the birthday wishes from everyone via Facebook, Email, phone, and even a few of those old fashioned things called birthday cards! I really appreciate it.

Finally, tonight Rachel and I went to see the movie "Up In The Air" starring her boyfriend, George Clooney. Excellent movie. Almost as quirky as "About Schmidt" but much funnier.

In the end I guess people want to know if I had a happy Birthday. The answer is "yes, mostly." This is my kind of weather and I felt very much in my element getting out there and puttering around in the snow. But it wasn't the same without Charlotte. I know it won't ever really be.

On the other hand, beyond the constant sadness running deep inside us, we're doing ok. Rachel and I cried on each other's shoulders when we watched the "Radiance" video. We had fun in the snow. We had fun at the movie.

We just keep going.


  1. Nope, nothing will ever be the same without Charlotte but I'm so glad you and Rachel have each other's shoulders to cry on.

    I was thinking about the day you were born. Dad came home from the hospital very early to give me a ride to 1st grade and told me that I had a new baby brother - wierd, I can remember the car, where I was sitting in the car and exactly at what point along the ride we were when he told me about you. I also remember later that day Vance, Jim and I were trying to figure out how you got here - our conclusion was that Dad took Mom to the hospital, she would get comfy in bed and put in an order for a new baby - and poof, you were delivered to her room, just like that! I know it sounds mushy Rog but I'm glad you were the one delivered to her room. I love you little brother

  2. I forgot to comment yesterday! I did remember your birthday - but forgot to the leave the wishes. I know it would've been nice to celebrate with your little girl and your gift are the memories you hold in your heart.

    Happy Birthday Roger... a day late.


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