Saturday, January 9, 2010

Get your bloggin' in now...

I thought since you wouldn't hear from us for about three days, I would give you another blog post today. I also haven't posted here since she died so I thought it was my turn...

I have been doing surprisingly well considering everything. Like Roger, I have those weird moments when I feel I should check on her or look for her or that neither of us can leave the house unless someone's here to watch her...stuff like that. And I have a few teary moments when I think of her and I'm just very sad. For the most part, though, I'm ok. It helps that this did not come out of the blue. We have been grieving for a long time already and we were ready for her to go. Near the end, she was not the daughter that we knew and loved. She had become a shell of herself. That did help me let go.

The last few days have been a flurry of catch-up. I have fallen so far behind in all those mundane things in life that just have to get done (paying bills, organizing life, etc.). Fortunately, my aunt will be here next week and has volunteered to help with the task of setting things aright (at least mostly). I have a few more things to do before we retreat for three days but I'm almost there. Interestingly, my energy level seems to be growing as well. That's a good thing.

As Roger mentioned, we have been Wii-ing things up and that has helped my energy level as well. As most of you know, we have not been the picture of health or physical fitness during this last year and I vow to resolve that in 2010. The Wii is so great because I don't run and it's too cold to be outside much right now. It's fun and I LOVE being able to track my progress from day to day. I think I finally found an exercise program in which I'll get my money's worth!

One final note about the service next Saturday: I don't have final details yet, but it looks like we will most probably have a live webcast of the service available. That means that whether you are in Mechanicsville, Munich, Merritt Island, Marin County, or Miami, you should be able to view the memorial service as it happens. Our tech gurus are working out the details but I will post more info when I know it. SOOOOO...if you have been sad about not being able to attend the service, stay tuned. The other great thing about the webcast is that if Blackwell gets full, we will be able to simulcast the service next door in Duncan Memorial's sanctuary so there will be plenty of space (I hope!).

If it hasn't been posted here yet, I wanted everyone to know that we also have access to Duncan's preschool and nursery rooms and we will have volunteers who have agreed to watch younger kids (infants/toddlers) during the service. If that has effected anyone's decision to come/not come to the service, I wanted to make sure that was known.

That is all for now.


  1. OK, that's it. We're getting a Wii!

    Enjoy your retreat. Y'all are due for some rest and relaxation.

  2. Rachel, I can't tell you how excited we are about the opportunity to watch the service via webcast. I hope it works out!!!! We very much want to celebrate and remember CJ with you!!!

  3. Miguel, Margie, Xavier and Malia MadrigalJanuary 9, 2010 at 8:51 PM

    R2 -

    Praying for a relaxing and peaceful retreat for both of you. It is much needed and deserved. You guys and have been constantly in our prayers, thoughts and conversations throughout the last couple of weeks. We are honored that we got to spend a nice quiet, regular - dinner and movie, with the three of you. Also, can not think "Squirrel! - without thinking of you guys!" Xavier and Malia now both love CJ's macaroli from Costco.

    You know we'll all do our best to make CJ and both of you, proud at her memorial. It's funny how butterflies keep popping up in books that we are reading!

    We love you guys! You know we're just a phone call or text away. See you next week.

  4. Reynolds Family,
    We have never met but I feel like I know yall to some degree. I work with Mark and he is one of the kindest people I know. He has kept me informed about CJ from the start. Your family has inspired me. I have jumped on the website and every time I think about how wonderful the support has been. Mark was kind enough to tell me the story about the butterfly and I will never forget it. It doesnt take the sting out of the fact that CJ isnt here but, I have to believe that she just got to start a better life sooner than the ones she left behind. Prayers arent always answered the way we would like but I believe that there are some things that we just cant understand and we have to leave that up to faith. I am sure yall will have good days and bad but children will always be children no matter how long we have them. I am sure that CJ brought many people a life time of special memories. I wish I could have met her in person but please know that I think of your family and her often. Please know that our hearts go out to the entire family and yall will continue to be on our prayers.

    The Williams Family.


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