Sunday, January 3, 2010

"I do it mysef!"

Can't believe she's still here. And snoring lightly and peacefully at that! I think Fred Horn had it best on his Facebook post, "Who would ever have dreamed that Charlotte would do things her way!!! That is what has always made her special!!!" Rachel and Mary Poppins were saying she's waiting for Frosty The Hutt to melt before leaving. He's now Frosty The Lump.

Last night Rachel and I took turns holding her. We sang songs, rocked her, and enjoyed a quiet evening. We even got Granny to Skype in a story. We were having some issues connecting to her all day and then all of a sudden, it worked!

The lower amount of traffic through the house was a nice change. We still had plenty of people come by like Pastor Ed, Auntie 'Retta, Nurse Patty, etc... and lots of stories were still read but the people who agreed to Skype instead of come in person helped us have more "close-time" with CJ.

Today is going to be quiet as well. Rachel is sleeping in a little. I slept moderately well too which is a nice change. With all the "goodbye-ing" we've been doing, the idea of waking up and Charlotte being gone doesn't freak me out like it would have in my last lifetime. It would be just a matter-of-fact kind of thing now.

We really appreciate all the compliments people have given us concerning "how strong we are," and "I don't know how you're doing it," etc...and I hope we've had a positive (or at least calming) influence on someone but as we've said before, we haven't done it alone. Here's a story about that...

When we lived in Boone, NC, our dentist died suddenly while he and his family were on a cruise. He was a pretty popular guy in town and I was working at the local AM radio station so I got the job of talking to his wife to get details for a news story. What really touched me was how composed she was only days after he had died (this was before the funeral even happened) and how completely at peace she was even though it had to have been quite a shock. She was very nice and answered all my questions, adding answers to a few I forgot to ask, and seemed genuinely touched by the support and love she was receiving from the community. I've met a few others like her in my travels but she's the one who stands out in my mind. I give people like her at least some credit for my outlook on this situation. It's the old standing-on-the-shoulders-of-giants thing. Norman is in Ireland. (or was that, "No man is an island?")

A sense of humor doesn't hurt, either.

Gotta go look at my stubborn little girl.


  1. Thank you for sharing that story -- I have been wondering where you get your healthy outlook on all of this. You, in turn, are teaching all of us how to deal with things.

    If it's true that children choose their parents, Charlotte was one smart baby! I can't think of two better people to see her through this part of her life. That you're seeing the rest of us through it too is truly inspiring.

    Thank you for sharing your sweet angel with us!

  2. Good to know Charlotte's and your status before I am off to church to solo this AM. I laughed to myself after I said to Jerry "I have butterflies in my stomach. I don't think I can sing at church this morning without knowing something." Duh! Butterflies-in-the-stomach will now forever be a source of strength. Humming Charlotte's Mary Poppins favorite: Let's Go Fly a Kite as the wind howls outside. Love, Carolyn aka Mary Poppins

  3. Love ya, Roger. Thanks for the update. I can't even imagine the effort it takes to compose these.

    As we were saying the other day - CJ's Tuf is a great name for this place because she sure is tough!

    Dan Mc

  4. Hi there, thank you for the update. I continue to look for updates and let my husband know how things are standing.

    Your daughter and your family stands in our heart and we just can't believe how strong you are.

    The story you shared is amazing and I hope that should we have to endure something like this, we can handle it the way you all have.

  5. Thinking so much of you three -- you're all absolutely amazing.
    Interesting to hear that you lived in my hometown of Boone, NC and worked at the radio station (WATA?).
    Your blogs are a great source of strength and inspiration, and will continue to help so many people "live healthy" through CJ's Thumbs Up Foundation.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Cathy Cooper (and loyal fan, CJ-the-cat)

  6. Isn't it odd - and somewhat comforting - that there have always been people who have helped "guide" us when we're faced with difficulties? My personal sanity was saved by a neighbor in her 60's (at the time almost 30 years ago when our infant son died). She credits her sanity to her faith when she too buried a beloved child much too early. You credit your family, your lovely daughter, and a recent widow you once interviewed. Your posts and "story" are a soul-saver; your grace and dignity are beautiful; your daughter will always know how loved she is; I will always remember your gift of sharing with us and I will always be grateful to you. God bless you.
    Love to you always

  7. May you continue to receive strength and peace.

  8. Roger,Rachel and Charlotte,
    As I said before you are amazing parents.
    Thank you for sharing, I know it must be difficult for you. I was a hospice nurse
    for many years,I never met anyone as giving as the two of you.You have given me strength.
    You remain in our prayers,
    Love the DeLuke Family
    Butterfly Kisses to Charlotte

  9. Someone sent me your link this morning and asked me to visit your blog. We've been at death's door several times this year with our Abby (Leukemia), and recently this week when our teenage son was in a "should-have-been-fatal car accident" (and was left with eight major broken bones; pelvis, vertebrae, sternum, hand...). We got the phone call that he had been airlifted and for a time, we were sure he was probably gone. We understand the therapeutic nature of blogging about it, though others have criticized, and the incredible comfort and encouragement of thousands of people praying and caring. Knowing exactly what you are feeling, I know there is probably nothing I can do for you (or more accurately, nothing you will ask of us) except pray for your strength and comfort, and extend the willingness to help if you could think of something our family could do to help from a distance in small town Oklahoma. If there is, I hope you'll ask, because we understand... The Riggs family ( My email is


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